Whistler Weekend // Part II

It's time for one of several throwback posts that I'll be posting in a bit-- I realized that all of those drafts piling up on my blog list should be probably posted before it's too late. This one was taken in mid-September when the fiancĂ© and I took a quick trip to Whistler-- I still miss the beautiful sights and sounds of that naturally gorgeous area. In its last hurrah before the end of summer, Whistler was all blue skies, stupendous views of nature, and crisp mountain air. While I wore this same outfit in this post, I chose to wear it in two different ways: this time I wore this ensemble with knee-highs and platform boots that I would soon abandon in favour of more practical footwear. Since I had a "Whistler // Part I" post, it was slightly embarrassing to not eventually post the second-- also I love the beautiful background scenery of this shoot in the garden of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.    

Cardigan // Front & Company
Toque, Shoes, & Knee-Highs // H&M
Clutch & Top // Hong Kong boutique
Shorts // Dynamite

While I'm actually enjoying the fall quite a bit (it seems to be the season for productivity), my heart will always lie with the summertime. Next year, I plan to take advantage of my summer in Vancouver by doing as many outdoor activities as possible: hiking, kayaking, and the like. What moments are you most missing from the past summer season?


  1. I LOVE THIS LOOK, Debbie!!! The beanie & thigh highs are totally my style. Not to mention that glorious furry jacket. So chic. I wish I went to the beach more during summer. I live RIGHT next to it, so there's no excuses. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog dear, and for the nice comment! <3 I really love your look!! So classy and stylish! I Really like your jacket and shoes - and the necklace is so gorgeous!!
    xoxo Emina

    Blog: www.fashionbyemina.blogspot.com
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/eminamasovic

  3. Nice outfit:)
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  4. Hello beautiful and sweet Gaby! I will first start saying that I love your look! It is so eclectic. I really love your style. I like how you mix and match pieces to create a very unique, eye-catching and awesome looking look. The coat.... I want it! So versatile and fits you really well. Love it all! I do love the summer season but here in Florida it can be a little daunting. It gets really hot and humid. I can just imagine how summers are where you live. Perfect for getting out and doing so many wonderful things. The summers here are perfect for visiting the beach and enjoying the ocean breeze. I normally take a trip or two to the northern side of the country to do hiking and some biking.

    Hope you have an amazing weekend my friend. Lots of hugs and kisses your way:-) Jeannette


  5. As always love your look. Great coat dear and top, and bag and... everything :D But mostly love this coat, so modern and lovely. Glad to see ya again in lovely outfit :D
    Hugs, Nabil ;)


  6. I love your coat Debbie! And your make up is simply perfect! You look great!

  7. Since you would be doing away with your boots, can i have it? pleaaaassseeee.....lol. I love the boots and shorts.


  8. That is such a cosy-looking cardi! :)

    It's funny, it's Spring here, and we are just coming into summer! I'm looking forward to spending more time at the beach!

    Away From The Blue

  9. Cute look! I love the high socks and the boots! I'm still trying to make that work for me :P I also went to Whistler but during July this summer. It's quite fun to just walk around. :)

    Raincouver Beauty

  10. I absolutely love this outfit!! The scenery is so pretty, and Whistler sounds like an amazing place. New follower xx

    The Life of Little Me

  11. This outfit is so cute! Love the background as well!!

    Janine | Lime & Life

  12. LOVE LOVE your shoes! You look great! :)

    x vonyll

  13. aww i love this look so much very chic and edgy and streetstyle <3

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  14. Omg you look so gorgeous ? (: love your outfit and your hair! Super pretty! x


  15. Your outfit fits the place so much, your coat is really cool. Wish it was summer now, there's always something to do outdoors that you haven't done in a while. Have a great start of the week doll!! xo

  16. you look so good dear, I love your cardigan, fabulous..
    I just found your blog and I was watching your post, I do really love this place around here!
    great blog and lovely job you have done here.

    would u like to follow each other?

  17. Beautiful pics! You look gorgeous .. love your coat and the necklace.


  18. Cool look!


  19. Your love your dress sense Deb, between i love that cat-eyed liner you created.

  20. Gorgeous jacket!

    - Sarah :)

  21. Such a great outfit! I love that jacket and I love the pairing with the socks and shoes. You look fantastic! Love your style.


  22. I can totally relate to your post! Sadly have posts that have been in drafts for so long the season already passed...and I agree, for some reason I feel totally productive in the fall! Love the fuzzy sweater and those knee high socks combo. And you pull off hats so well Deb!


    xo Jess

    P.S. Didn't know you have a fiance!

  23. oooooo you look fantastic!!! <3
    I only miss not having to do school work in the summer lol


  24. Love this look!! The fuzzy cardigan is my all time favorite of this look. Gosh I wish I had outfits in draft...right now I'm doing on the day post, and it is stressful lol.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  25. Glad you posted the second part of your Whistler trip and a updated outfit of the first look.
    I'm liking the combi with the knee-highs and boots even more than the first I saw.
    Over here in Germany it's still very warm for autumn on some days so I would definitely have worn this look myself for autumn too not only for summer. Seriuosly need to get me a pair of knee-highs too. I had a pair once but then well I don't know what happend to them. I just lost them, I guess..

    It's not a secret that autumn is my favourite season but I do miss some activities and stuffs from summer too. Which is going to the beach, eating ice-cream outside, the sunnies, the warm weather ..

    Have a great and productive week as always Debs!

    xx Lori

  26. I love this post! Such amazing pictures <3
    Well, I am definitely missing the heat and the carrefree days..summer is truly the best. Too bad it doesn`t last longer..


  27. I love the boots. Really nice. Its my 1st time here and I'm loving iit.hehe


  28. I love that coat! The texture and the pattern are nice! and yeah... love Summer too.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  29. Thank you for your adorable comment Debbie! They always make my day!

  30. thank you so much for visiting, I followed back on GFC, Bloglovin and tumblr..

    keep in touch

  31. Hi Debbie..I went ahead and follow you on GFC and Bloglovin :)

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  32. Absolutely love your cardi!

    - Deniz


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