Baby Blue in Gastown

Yesterday's outfit was brought to you by the cold weather and the intense need to layer up. Since I was downtown for almost the entire day and a good portion of it was spent walking outside, I needed a cozy outfit that contained enough warmth to survive the brisk weather. While I feel guilty calling our weather cold when we suffer mild conditions in comparison to the rest of the country, it still felt darn cold to us! Since I first had a delicious brunch at Catch 122 Cafe Bistro, coffee afterwards at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters, a bit of shopping on Robson Street, and then a dinner for my brother's birthday,  I had to wear something casual yet somewhat stylish to suit each occasion. I ended up wearing this baby blue sweater with a comfortable pair of print harem pants; however, I think I ended up getting a little lost in the loose clothing and should have worn a tighter pair of pants.    

Despite my style-related failings, I did succeed in feeling warm for the entire day-- those four layers of a shirt, sweaters, and a coat allowed me to enjoy the sunshine and focus on having a good time with friends and family. 

What are your best style strategies to keep warm on a cold day?

Sweater & toque // H&M
Cardigan // The Gap
Coat // Ever New
Hand chain & rings // Forever 21
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace // Banana Republic (via clothing swap)
Shoes // Zara

In other news, I managed to reach my mini goal of working out six times this week! To start off a new week of fitness, I returned to my usual routine of spin class this morning with two other fit friends. As well, my early sleeping schedule is getting easier and easier to maintain; if you are struggling to become a morning person, be aware that it's not an immediate process. Rather, you'll find yourself slowly adjusting over the course of several weeks. Also, I've managed to kick my caffeine habit and barely need anything more than tea on early, cold mornings. Hurray for small achievements!

I hope that you all had a most wonderful weekend-- can you believe there are only about five more Sundays until Christmas?!  


  1. Cute outfit :) You look very cozy and bundled up!

    La Celestials

  2. Love your blog and especially this combo! Would be great if you could check out my blog. ♥

  3. You look beautiful dear!

  4. super:) xx

  5. Really love this look of yours. The accessories and the laying are prefect :). Since it hardly gets cold here for long -_- keeping warm is super easy with just a simple jacket, and sometime sweaters and cardigans.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. Debbie, I love this look and I don't think your pants are too loose at all! you look very chic :) Love your mix of print and textures, specially loving those trousers!!! what material are they made of? I'm also struggling a little bit finding cute outfits that keep me warm! ugh... the weather here in Ohio has dropped like crazy! we had a snow storm last night so yes... winter has began (sad face!). In the other hand, I'm traveling to NYC this Thursday!!! (Finall - I kept pushing this trip because of work a couple of times) and the weather is going to be super cold too! so I need to start thinking in my outfits since now... no clue yet! haha

    Very excited for you accomplishing your workout goals! I'm still having trouble going to bed early and waking up as early as I want! but I will keep trying :)

    Hope you are having a great start to your week!
    p.s. question - how long does it take for my page to load? A couple of bloggers told me is very slow but I've been trying opening in different cellphones and computers of family members and friends and it seems working fine for them.



  7. Ahhh I seriously love your look! Your pants are just all kinds of fantastic, and that coat looks so amazing on you. And you are keeping yourself warm!!! I wish I could keep myself warm like you didn't without looking like a big balloon haha!

    XOXO, HaeMin

  8. Loved this after seeing it on your instagram! I love this look. Those pants are so awesome. That coat is so fab. Stay warm!! Love your eyebrows, as always!


  9. No I can't believe it either! Time's passing so quick and we've alomost reached 2015! Unbelievelabe!!
    But first things first congratulations on reacing some of your goals. Wow, like seriously 6 days a week (which is amlost the whole)? Keep going girl. I really admire and look up to you for your discipline. Wished I had that too ..

    And I see you're wearing the new baby blue sweater which looks so cozy yet stylish and chic. In my opinion the look with the harem pants isn't bad at all. There's nothing bout a comfy outfit which I'm sticking to lately. All the time in tight pants isn't quite the deal. Sometimes you kinda need to let yourself go and step out of your comfort zone by wearing unusual things.
    To answer your question: In colder days I love to wear either a tee with a cardigan and coat or a cozy sweater with a coat. I always make sure that i have a good layering. That's what it's all about in fall/winter right?

    Btw thnks for your lovely comment on my blog. I always love to read them and they're always making me smile.
    Refering to that camera thing, which Canon are you using yet? Because I love the quality of your pics.

    Wishing you a great week too Debs!

    xx Lori

  10. Hello Debbie! First, I want to thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog and for the birthday wishes. I appreciate it very much:-) And happy belated birthday to you brother and congratulations to you for achieving your goals. Now you have inspired me to get up early to work out. I just need to go to bed earlier that I am used to so will see. I love your outfit very much. Looks super comfy and stylish. I think the pants look great and the are not too loose for the look at all, I actually love them on you. Temperatures here in FL are not as low as they are where you live but for me they are too cold!!!! I rarely get to wear a heavy coat unless It is below 40 or if I know I will be walking or staying outside for too long. I can say I am blessed for living in Florida but on the other hand, summers in here are brutal. Very humid and lots of bugs! Love your sweater, the necklace and the Zara booties very much. You always look so chic and put together no matter what you wear. I also admire your determination and your positive outlook in life. I will let you know when I begin getting up early so you can cheer me up because I will need it:-) Take care my dear friend and look forward to your next post! XOXO, Jeannette

  11. Pretty, nice look :)

  12. I love the Pastel blue top! Looks perfect for a cold day


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