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Sometimes the Monday Blues are only too real and colour your entire day in a negative way. However, when that happens you just have to push through the crap, figure out what you could do better, and realize what truly matters (and what doesn't). Many of us, myself included, tend to whine about our problems and focus on the negative side of things; however, we too frequently ignore the innumerable things with which we have been blessed. When I remember how incredibly fortunate we are in comparison to the rest of the world, I immediately feel deeply ashamed for making a molehill out of many of my first world problems (essays are easier to deal with than poverty and disease). 

So bottom line? Let's try to discover what things we should really get agitated about-- like corruption, sexual assault, and environmental degradation-- instead of things such as how you disliked how so-and-so did this or that.

In other news, I wore this fun outfit for the Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase yesterday-- it felt really nice to dress up a bit after wearing so many comfortable and casual outfits during the week. I was happy to wear this black pantsuit that I only wore about twice before during the summertime. As well, I love this new blazer that I recently got from Topshop at a fraction of its usual price.

At the show itself, I was incredibly inspired by the many beautiful decorated settings, the delicious food samples, and the gorgeous dresses! It was certainly worth the trip and the girly time spent with a good friend, especially when we had time to chat over brunch at Yew restaurant.

Top & blazer // Topshop
Pantsuit // H&M
Shoes // Zara
Necklace // Forever 21
Bag // Tory Burch

I hope you all had a most wonderful weekend! Also, when you are feeling down, do try to put things into perspective and decide if they are even worth the stress and grey hairs. 


  1. Classy and sophisticated :) loove et! :)

  2. Wow! You look so stunning. Very Classy and Sophisticated look. <3
    I love your outfit and style. Have a great week ahead! :)


  3. you look so pretty!

  4. You look amazing dear!

  5. lovely look ,love your shoes great colour!

  6. super:) xx

  7. Great post dear. Love the sophisticated look on you. You look so pretty.

  8. You look really lovely. Your hair is so on point.


  9. Great lovely look :)
    I really like the jacket, it's so perfect <3


  10. That jacket is so cute, especially with the pops of colour! I feel like I've been powering down my outfits lately because of general cold weather blues.


  11. Very pretty and classy. Some worries and stress are sometime not even worth it. I sometime have to step back and just let them go.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  12. Agreed! We really have to feel ashamed of our so called problem. Others have it even worser than we and in comparison to poverty, crime, diseases and all that our aren't really issues and not the grey hairs worth.

    Anyways I was soo freaking exciting to see how it went at the Creme de la Creme fashionshow you attended. Because somehow I knew that it's gonna be great and I was right! I loved the dress you picked on IG as your favourite and also all those decorations. So lovely! Hope that you'll have it easy to organise yours Debs.

    But lemme come to your outfit. It' really classy and ladylike and so hot. You really look liked a even more grown up lady with lots of fashion sense. The pantsuit in incredible and I can't believe you wore it only twice this summer. I would have probably wore it everyday I can lol. But glad you took the opportunity to wear it in autumn. I also tend to wear lots of summer pieces in autumn. Love the striped blazer too. Topshop is just so nice.
    Your make-up and hair always on fleek girl. Love the pinky lippy on you.

    Have a good day!

    xx Lori

  13. Hi my dear friend ;) Love this look as all your! This time jacket, pants and shoes love mostly. This hat and neackle make it perfect! Only bag I'll chose black or white ;)
    Hugs dear, Nabil ;)

  14. Hello my wonderful and beautiful Debbie. What a beautiful soul you are. You are so right, if the entire world would put all their focus on the positive side of things and on the blessings they have, things will be a lot different especially with everything going in our very own lives. I believe that what we put our focus on, will eventually manifests. If you pay attention to it, you own it and that applies to everything else in life. This is why I choose to pay attention only to what I want, and this doesn't only apply to material things but also anything else in life. Love your attitude and your view of life. I am so glad I met you, you are a blessing to be around and even though I am not physically close to you, visiting your blog and reading your posts is a blessing from the skies to me. You look beautiful in that outfit. You look very lady-like and super elegant. Not only you are an amazing human being but you are also super stylish and talented. I enjoyed all the pictures you posted on IG about all the things you found and enjoyed at the wedding showcase you attended. I am happy you had an amazing time. Love everything you are wearing, all looks perfect on you:-) XOXO, Jeannette

  15. you are so pretty! such a classy outfit! you like very chic and female - the turquoise highlights fit perfect to your outfit.

  16. Hmmmm! Well said Deb, i must appreciate the fact that you've got such a sweetheart to have deemed it fit to be appreciative of whatever we have or wherever we find ourselves at a particular time in life.
    Its best to snap out of every phase that;s weighing us down and work on a solution.
    Personally, i believe i give myself the chance to be weighed down instead of taking a step that'd get me out of the mess and then, it gets more crappy and perhaps even affects our health.
    The steps i've adopted of late is to find a way out and be happy irrespective of whatever the situation is.

    Between, i love your brown bag.Its so nice, wish it was mine

  17. I love how your hats and beanies always put the perfect finishing touch to your outfits!
    You're so chic Debbie!
    And thank you for your adorable comment! It really made my day!


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