The day has finally come-- I'm finally going to see Mockingjay Part 1 tonight! If you asked me why I'm so excited to see this movie, I'd say that it's mostly because life is so hectic right now with school finals that I look forward to any diversion. Also, listening to the Catching Fire and Mockingjay (Lorde's Yellow Flicker Beat) soundtrack is certainly revving me up. 

Another thing that has revved me up recently was the surprise purchase of this winter coat. Last Friday afternoon, I decided to check out my usual haunt-- Topshop-- before my work shift. Upon checking the clearance section as I tend to do, I spotted two of these gray coats that I had been eyeing previously. Sadly, I never thought that I would be able afford one as they were a whopping $350 and I have way too many expenses right now to spend that much on a simple coat. 

On this day, however, the coat was not only in my size but had been discounted to a mere $105! This was a deal that I could not pass over; I immediately marched the coat over to the cashier as soon as I had ascertained that it fit me. I was also excited to see that it was made out of wool, alpaca fleece, and mohair-- quality materials that will be sure to keep me warm during the winter months. What do you think of my new winter staple?  

Coat + Pants // Topshop
Top // Hong Kong boutique
Cardigan // The Gap
Shoes // Zara
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Toque // Aldo
Necklace // Isetan (Singapore)

If you didn't already know, I had a shopping list that I made earlier this fall to purchase certain quality items: a pair of boots, a coat, and a new every day bag. Now that the boots (by the way, I can't stop wearing these awesome Zara boots) and coat have been checked off the list, I am just on the lookout for a new quality bag. Speaking of potential purchases, I am hoping to find a good deal on a new DSLR Canon camera this Black Friday-- are you thinking of getting anything during this annual sales event?


  1. Amazing outfit dear! Love that coat and top

  2. OOOO the new coat! Such a great choice and I love it!! Such a great choice, lovely! I love this whole outfit. Your hat is awesome. Your lace top and the necklace are amazing. So lovely and I love the greys. Amazing.


  3. Love the texture of your coat! Great details on your hat too. I already miss my button-up coat, but with the already freezing weather, I feel like only coats with zippers can keep me warm!


  4. And that coat is amaaaazing! Such a lucky hit girl and even on pay day. You remenber that we've been talking about the coat on my last wishlist post recently and it's really really similar to yours. The fluffly element is even more beautiful than I hought. I really need one like this too. Still on my wishlist.

    Ths outfit is so chic and perfectly styled. From hair to toe perfect and you've been rocking these toques really well lately. Love the shimmery flower detail on it. I do love your Zara boots a lot. I have quite similar ones in wine-red and also from Zara but for some reason I haven't made use of posting a look with them. Hopefully soon.

    Oh my gosh I have so many things on my wishlist and most of them are the same things you need too. A good Canon camera (which I hopefully will get on x-mas), Nike Air Force 1's, A new everyday bag too and many more ..
    Let's see if I can tick some stuffs out of my list soon.

    Have a good day Debs!

    xx Lori

  5. You look gorgeous!! Love the details

  6. you look great! i like your grey combination. and i love the details on your top

  7. Your coat is a statement piece! So lovely! <3 You look like the celebrity blogger here in PH :)

    Have a great day, Debbie! :)


  8. Haa isn't that amazing ?? down to $105. I love purchases like that, you just gotta. I love the material on that coat, and that is one statement piece I just knew wasn't sild here, had to go look at where you bought from.

    What camera are you getting? Is someone thinking of moving to the nikon family ;-) I like canon too

    Those Zara bootsworks for all season, and most outfits, how couldn't they be amazing

    Coco L'Amour


  9. Who said lace tops were just for summer? I love this whole ensemble. And I can't what to see Mockingjay Part 1. I love me some Hunger Games!


  10. Amazing outfit!! So cool!

  11. Hello Debbie! I can't believe I missed two posts from you... Anyways, I know you have been busy lately with school and I am sure have many wedding related things to do. I do see via IG that you get to enjoy time with good friends which is awesome. I wish I could get to do that more often but these days everyone (including me) seem to be super busy with family and everything else which make it challenging to find time to get together. I was thinking in creating a calendar event so that we all (my friends) make an effort to set time aside for a quick meet up let's see how it goes. The coat you scored is amazing. Love the color, texture and the classic style. I am sure you will be wearing it a lot as it is super versatile and cute. Love the pants, the Zara boots (I have loved them since I first saw them on you!), the embellished beanie (beanies look super good on you) the feminine top... I love everything you are wearing! I don't have anything in mind I really want to get. I have been browsing online to see if I can find any good deals on anything but haven't had any luck. Went shopping yesterday (black Friday) with my oldest daughter and I didn't enjoy it at all... I can't shop with so many people around me! Anyways, today I will be decorating for Christmas and watching a couple of Christmas movies too. Take care my sweet friend and blessings to you and loved ones always!!! xoxo, Jeannette

  12. Oh my goodness Debbie I have SO much things to say about this post. Okay first of all, you look so amazing in a beanie! I don't know why but I just cannot pull if off BUT I WANT TO! Boo. Anyhow, coat looks so warm and the material looks amazingly soft. I love your top, your pants, ah just everything about this look!!! I meant to say this before, but girl your eyebrows are just all kinds of fantastic! Why you so beautiful? I've had too much coffee right now and I am going all crazy with my comments, but anyhow I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)


    Hae Min

  13. I am a Topshop addict! Haha! I actually bought an entire outfit from Topshop during Black Friday, but I have no shame ;) You pull off that grey coat so well Debbie!! Gorgeous as always :)

    La Celestials

  14. Hey Debbie! Looking good as always!

    I just saw Mockingjay yesterday...I've been so busy that I didn't even know it was out! Wasn't as good as Catching Fire but its a necessary bridge before the finale. Hope you've done some good shopping this weekend!

    Walking Talking Style
    New post: Non-Stop in Hong Kong

  15. Theres this feel about your outfit here and I'm absolutely in love! The jacket, the shoes, and your Beanie .. Slayed.. and I feel incomplete, I haven't seen Mockingjay lol


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