A Pink Sunday Occasion

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I hope that all of you are enjoying a relaxing Christmas day with friends and family. For myself, I've been pretty AWOL from blogging as I've been dealing with 1) insanity at work, 2) lack of sleep from too many parties and gatherings, and 3) my laptop breaking down a few nights ago. However, I've had a most wonderful day thus far and even managed to get in a good gym workout with a couple of friends after a delicious family brunch this morning.

In light of those events, it's been kinda hard to keep up with my regular blogging schedule-- however, I hope to get back into the swing of things very soon. When you work in the mall, Christmas is something you can't wait to get over with. Hopefully my next couple of shifts over this weekend will be relaxing and uneventful. 

Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the non-stop holiday schedule of birthday and Christmas parties, family dinners, and other shindigs that started over the weekend and didn't end until today. Next up is NYE and partying until the break of day!

Jacket + Skirt // Topshop
Toque + Scarf // Aldo
Shoes // Zara
Tights // H&M
Top // Express
Necklace // Isetan (Singapore) 
Bag // 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 

I wore this outfit for an engagement party over the weekend being held by my future brother-in-law and sister-in-law (who got engaged about a month after us) as they are currently visiting Vancouver for the holidays. In keeping with the pink theme of the ensemble, I added the light pink toque and scarf that I recently purchased from Aldo at greatly discounted prices. What do you guys think?

P.S. I just bought a new laptop so let's hope things are back to normal very soon. For all of my blogger friends, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to reply lately-- just know that I will do so very soon and that I miss you all!


  1. I'm obsessed with your skirt and shoes! Lovely ensemble. And I'm hoping things settle down for you a bit--but the parties sound fun! I can't wait to see what you put together for NYE. Have a lovely rest of the year.

    Maggie D. xx


  2. Fab look. I like the mix of patterns & textures. It makes your outfit so fun to look at. The midi skirt is a classic. I can relate because my laptop is on it's last life. Hope you had a happy Christmas.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. Love your skirt and your jacket! :) Merry Christmas dear!


  4. Stunning look Debbie! I love your skirt! Your style is fabulous!

  5. Nice:) xx

  6. Wow you look Stunning Jen! Nice post and Merry Christmas to you too :-)

  7. What a great fresh look. Really like that!

    have a nice day!

  8. Dear Debbie, you have nothing to apologize for my sweet friend. As much as we all love blogging we all understand that there are times where life seems to get a little hectic leaving us with very little time to comment or even work on new posts (ask me about it!). So, do what you need to do because we will always be here waiting for you:-) I am so sorry about your camera getting stolen and your laptop breaking up but I am happy you were able to get a new one and that you are also having a good time with your family and friends. Love your outfit very much. I have a soft spot for midi skirts and the one you are wearing is TDF. You look super beautiful as always. Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve and that the upcoming year 2015 brings you everything your heart and soul wants. Blessings to you always. XOXO, Jeannette


  9. That is a very pretty skirt! I love your scarf too :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Away From The Blue

  10. Nice Skirt and scarf. Happy new year in advance....


  11. I love the color palate you chose and how you played with the textures.


  12. Ahh you look absolutely stunning! I don't think I've seen anyone pull of a midi skirt like that as well as you! You definitely know what works for your figure! Also, don't apologize! Taking a break from blogging is necessary now and then (whether or not it was voluntary haha--sorry about the laptop!) in order to refresh and recharge! In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful new year! (& congrats to your sister-in-law and brother-in-law!) xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  13. Hey Debbie, wishing you a belated Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Love that skirt on you!

    Walking Talking Style
    New post: Feliz Natal

  14. Awww yea. I totally remember apologizing a few times for that happening. My old laptop broke down as well and I remember stressing about it so much! No need to stress or worry, we will always be here!
    Love your outfit by the way. That skirt is divine and I love the colors and patterns you paired it with. That jacket is also so fab! Looking good, as always!


  15. great oufit! i am loving the skirt :)



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