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There’s one more day left before I jet off to Vegas once again! Words cannot adequately express how excited I am to have a mini-vacation after finishing school and enduring hectic work weeks (even though I know it will only get worse in the upcoming weeks). Other than the million foodie places that I’ll be hitting up in Vegas, I’ll be looking forward to shopping for both myself and the people on my Christmas list. I’ve already gotten started but my lack of progress (I’ve only finished maybe three or four) makes the task seem quite daunting. How are the rest of you doing with your lists?

In other news, I have recently realized after travelling so much within the past year to places (the Caribbean, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vegas), I’ve become quite adept at packing light and in a practical manner. Here are some of my top five tips for quick and efficient packing:

1.       Plan out your outfits beforehand so that you won’t pack any unnecessary pieces that will take up precious room in your luggage. This will also save you much time when getting ready in the morning for a full day of vacationing.
2.       When packing, roll up soft items such as shirts and sweaters in order to create as much room as possible for those shiny new things that you’re planning to buy.
3.       Be aware of the weather conditions for your planned destination before making any packing decisions.  For instance, the Las Vegas weather forecast predicts that there will be highs of 18-19 degrees during my visit. As a result, I think I’ll be able to get away with wearing skirts, shorts, and crop tops as long as I wear long cardigans over and tights underneath.
4.       When packing face wash and other cosmetics, visit your favourite stores such as Lush or Sephora for sample sizes of quality products.
5.       If you are worried about saving space in your luggage, be sure to bring enough accessories (ie. belts, necklaces, hats, etc.) to create interesting new outfits even if you have to wear certain items more than once.

What are some of your best travel/packing tips?

Coat + Top // Topshop
Pants + Necklace // H&M
Sunglasses // Cotton On
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Cardigan // The Gap
Shoes // Zara

What are your plans for the first weekend of December? Hopefully the scramble to get your Christmas shopping done on time isn't becoming too stressful. Be sure to keep in mind that this season should be about love, compassion, and the birth of Christ, not just stress and constant commercialism. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. love the pants. sure is a good tip! :)

  2. I love the coat and your scarf! You look gorgeous and chic :)

    xo Azu


  3. Stunning outfit and gorgeous backdrop Debbie! You look beautiful! Such a cool post!

  4. You look amazing dear! Love that coat


  5. Nice:) xx

  6. Debbie! I'm back! haha I feel like I keep disappearing, it is just very hard for me to get back in track now that the weather is so cold and I just want to cuddle and watch movies with the hubby :) anyways, I'm so excited for you and your trip to Vegas! your trips to pack light are so useful! I will def have them in mind for my next trip. About my Christmas list... I'm not doing so well! hopefully this weekend I can do some more shopping and get farther along! Christmas is getting closer and closer and the stress is raising a little bit!

    Ok, let's move to your outfit! looooooove your coat! like serioulsy love it, I was looking into Topshop's website to find it but couldn't find it :( is it really warm? the weather is crazy cold where I live so if I invest in a new coat, it needs to be super warm.

    Have a great trip, take lots of pictures and don't forget to share them with us!!!


  7. wishing you fun at your trip! please don't miss to take a lot of photos! and i like your cosy outfit! your trousers have a interesting pattern - your outfit is well mixed and matched. i can't wait for christmas...

  8. I love texture, especially for the winter. I have to stop by Gap to pick up that cardigan! It looks so warm and cozy!


  9. Ugh this coat is perfection. Love that bit about constant consumerism. We should keep this time of year about happiness & just spending time with loved ones. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  10. Wow! Loving the texture of that coat, and your chunky scarf looks so warm and cozy! :)
    I love how you completed this outfit with your those pants--totally rocking those prints!

    XOXO, HaeMin


  11. Hope you had a great mini trip and came back home safely.
    If I would have dropped on your blog yesterday I would probably answer your question about the x-mas list as not completed yet but as for today I went out for some shopping and made it to cover up my list. So I'm done for now. The only thing I have to do next is to wrap up all the gifts. I am so excited for x-mas and all the cooking and baking!

    Last year I went to Ghana my motherland with my family for holidays and I realized that I only wore like half of my closet I brought along. I did pack to much stuff that I dont needed. When packing I was like .. Oh yea let me just put this in maybe I'll need it. So there's definetely more outfit organisation needed for the next trip.

    But let me come to your outfit and that amazing coat. Drums please ... I managed to get a grey coat as well and it has this fluffy details on too. I've been wanting a grey coat in forever and since it was on my to buy list for this autumn/winter with no doubt I had to get it myself this year. I bought it over Black Friday for less. Can't wait to wear it on one of my next outfit posts. The bold prints on your pants and the grey scarf in addition are perfect. You already know but I'm still in love with your rounded sunnies. Great outfit Debs.

    Hope you don't have too much of a yet-leg.

    xx Lori


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