Travel Diaries: Comfortable in Theory

Since today is one of my few days off from work, I decided to spin out one more outfit post before I get sucked back once again into the vortex of stress and busyness that is normal during the hectic Christmas season. Let me tell ya that it wasn't easy getting out of my bed covers from a well-needed nap to edit and write this! I cannot wait until the end of next week when things will have hopefully died down and I can finally live a normal life again... Working in a mall definitely takes the fun out of the winter break and the holidays. 

However, working more means more money-- which is very much needed after so much spending in Vegas and on Christmas presents lately. As well, last Saturday my camera was stolen while attending a happier event: my wedding dress fitting. So yes, I did lose my camera after just two weeks. But I am grateful that nothing else was stolen and hope that I can soon afford a new one (I'm planning to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales). And I hope that whoever stole my camera enjoys the lovely pictures that I was planning on publishing next... Does that sound too bitter? Oh well.

In relation to this outfit, I wore one of my favourite purchases on the third and final day in Vegas: this lovely maxi skirt from Theory. I adore the way it suits me perfectly in terms of both fit and length-- as well, the slit and the pleated details make it even more dear to my heart. I've never shopped at Theory before but I'm certainly hooked now! Also, shopping at the outlets in the United States is always a bittersweet experience because you realize what amazing deals Americans get on designer clothes while we Canadians suffer from inflated prices and crappy deals. Nevertheless, I got a great discount on this skirt that had me smiling all the way to the cashier.

Skirt // Theory
Top + Boots // Zara
Sunglasses // Ray-Ban
Necklace // H&M
Hand Chain // Aldo

My two cool compatriots. There are no other two Peters who would be as much fun!

Our parting view from Aria Hotel. I'm sure I'll be seeing Vegas again soon!

While creating this post, I was sad to discover that many of the outfit photos were less than stellar in quality. Nevertheless, I'm excited to soon put up a post on the food we ate on this trip-- perhaps later this weekend when I am not working or attending multiple dinner parties. 

Are any of you dealing with work-related stress? If so, how are you dealing with it?


  1. nice skirt
    here is my new Christmas post

  2. Beautiful outfit. And yes, I am dealing with work-related stress every single day. I treat myself with good food! Haha


  3. Great outfit!

  4. super:) xx

  5. Wow, that look is great <3


  6. You look simple and chic. The perfect outfit for a chilled and laid back day.

    I love your spirit regarding the theft of your positive.

    Merry Christmas xx

  7. No way! Your photos still look gorgeous and you would look stunning no matter the photo quality. Loved checking out all of these photos on instagram and so happy you shared all of them in a post! I love this outfit so much and you look so chic. I am so sorry to hear about your camera. I would have been so devastated but you seem to be handling it so well!


  8. Nice outfit. I did not like the cropped look because i can't show a lot of my skin but this look is just perfect. So sorry about your stolen camera. It sucks to have your things stolen. I had my laptop and phone stolen this June and i am still trying not to sound bitter when i talk about it. I hope you are able to replace your camera soon. I love the hand chain by the way....

  9. Awww D I'm sorry to hear about the camera, man that sucks beyond anything. Oh and I can't believe you guys have Boxing Day Sales too! You've got to be the first blogger who isn't Australian to mention this. I was starting to believe it was something we only do lol. Will you have to work it? I hate working that day, it's incredibly hectic and chaotic with mad men everywhere. But the money is fabulous so...


  10. Well, not let us talk about the stolen camera again because it's so annoying!
    Let's just talk about the good things that happen which was another trip to Vegas you enjoyed, not with just one Peter no! You had two of them haha and I bet it was a lot fun.

    Never heard of Theory before but I mean those americans are always one step ahead when it comes to fashion right? I always discover loads of new online shops. However you made a very good catch with the maxi skirt which I love the most in your outfit. Love the pleated deatail a lot. Great styled with the simple crop top and those amazing boots. The accessoiries and make-up on point too!

    I would say that I'm lucky not working at the mall anymore because during the holidays it's literally the hell I know but I'm sure you're going to master all the stress even those nervwrecking customers.

    Looking forward to your foodie post. Have a good peaceful day Debs.

    xx Lori

  11. Lovely outfit! I love your nails and glasses :)

    x vonyll

  12. Your skirt is so beautiful--I love it! I've always been interested in Theory but I don't think I've ever bought anything from them, but you're definitely tempting me!
    And as someone who lives in the USA I've actually never ran into an outlet mall that I've enjoyed! You'll have to come down and take me! hahaa

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  13. You are such a cutie!

    Feel free to read my blog

    Would love to keep in touch with you



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