Travel Diaries: Rock 'N' Roll in Vegas

My second trip to Las Vegas within the space of two months was almost the complete opposite of the last. In place of too much junk food, late nights while partying it up, and long rest stops at our hotel room, this trip consisted of fancier culinary fare, lots of shopping, no partying, and catching up with a good friend of ours. Also, we spent the entire day out walking around the strip, which resulted in us feeling too fatigued by the day's end to even contemplate clubbing (even though we had originally planned to see David Guetta at XS).

Lastly, instead of spending the entire day with girlfriends, I was privileged enough to spend the days with my personal photographer, a.k.a. my fiancé. Together, we visited all of our favourite spots and tried finding new ones, including both food and shopping areas. It was nice to feel relaxed enough to walk around the city at night and to watch the free shows such as the Bellagio Fountainshow and the Volcano Show at the Mirage. Also, we were amazed by Zarkana, a Cirque du Soleil show at the Aria Hotel, which consisted of various death-defying arts that had my palms sweating when worrying over the safety of the performers. As the cherry on top, we stayed at the beautiful Aria Hotel, which was a very nice change from the older, less sophisticated hotels at which I've stayed previously. 

As I just recently received my new Canon Rebel T5 camera, I was able to bring along this lovely lightweight DSLR along for the trip. I am loving the increased megapixels over the crappy quality of my old camera, as well as the various new features available. Thanks to my love for taking these pictures of me everyday of our vacation!

For my first outfit, I changed out of my comfortable airport outfit (a scalloped white top and print harem pants) into this "rock 'n' rock" ensemble consisting of a black leather crop top, distressed denim shorts, and black knee highs. The weather in Vegas was warm enough to allow for tank tops and shorts during the day; however, the chillier nights required at least a warm cardigan in order to stay comfortable.  

Crop Top // Urban Outfitters
Knee High Socks + Rings + Necklace // H&M
Shorts + Boots // Zara
Cardigan // The Gap
Sunglasses // Cotton On

I hope you enjoy these touristy pictures that we took during our first day of sightseeing, eating, and minor shopping. The next day would hold much more shopping at the outlets, as well as much more eating! I will be posting an entire post dedicated to the foodie pictures that I took during our stay in Vegas-- stay tuned!


  1. Had a great time! I guess I will have to wait until that Expresso (picture) shows up in your next blog haha

  2. Amazing photos dear!

  3. Seems as though I can see the world through your sunnies! Love them. I can understand why your second trip was more mellow! This time you got to really enjoy & see what Vegas has to offer. Looks like pretty nice weather as well. :] // ▲ ▲

  4. Oh my gosh, I love this look, it looks really cool!!
    I would love to travel to Las Vegas, too! Seems like you had a great time :)

    Johanna from ShoppingMeadow

  5. super:) xx

  6. Lol I'm actually right now watching David Guetta playing on German TV, how funny is that?
    Anyway happy that you enjoyed another trip to Vegas. And I mean if you would have did the same activities over and over again like last time it wouldn't be so much in a different way right?
    I was so looking forward to see your first pics with the new amazing camera and it's awesome. So loving the quality and brightness in each picture.

    I really love the leather kinda crop top which gives a more rock n roll effect in the first place but is stunning as well. I also love the grey long cardigan and the combo with the tights. Stunning! Feeling a bit jealous that you had such great weather over there while we had to deal with stupid rainy days. But however can't wait to see the yummy food pics soon.

    Have a great day Debs.

    xx Lori

  7. hi dear!
    your looks are awesome, I especially like this one :)
    check out my blog:
    xoxo, Flora


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