Travel Diaries: A Vegas Winter Wonderland

Wow, can you believe that it's the weekend once again? The weeks just seem to be speeding by this December and there are only 12 more sleeps until it's the big day! It's also been a week since I was last in Vegas enjoying decent weather-- thank goodness I have some nice photos to look back on while I suffer at work during the holiday season rush. These photos were taken at the Bellagio and the Palazzo, both of which were fully decked out for the Christmas season.

On the second day of my trip, I wore this floral and print outfit that had some serious feminine vibes with the peplum top and bottom. To add some extra pizzazz, I added a headpiece for extra eye candy. Unfortunately, the pearl headpiece worn in most of these photos was way too tight and gave me a headache. Even after I took it off, there was a discernible line across my forehead that stayed for almost the entire day... Not a wonderful look. To cover up the line, I wore my favourite silver headpiece from H&M (as seen above).

It kinda sucks because the three accessories I bought from Topshop from the Black Friday sale turned out to be quite shoddy in terms of quality-- this headpiece is uncomfortable, a pair of earrings are missing some gems, and the tassel necklace worn in this shoot broke way too easily (R.I.P.). I think I might be avoiding Topshop accessories for the next while to preserve both my wallet and my sanity.  

Pearl Headpiece + Topshop // Topshop
Cardigan // Pink Martini
Top // Zara
Skirt + Hand Chain + Rings // Forever 21
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes // Arturo Chiang

Below are some snapshots of my favourite spots at the Bellagio and the Wynn: the decor is always a treat to look at!

In other news, I am enjoying the first day of the weekend by ordering my wedding gown and trying it on again for a special group of girls I have invited! Afterwards, we plan to have a relaxing lunch at a nearby restaurant to discuss more wedding details-- I can't think of a lovelier way with which to spend one of my precious days off from work.

What are you getting up to this weekend? 


  1. You look beautiful as usual dear!

  2. Nice:) xx

  3. It's super refreshing to jump on to your styling post.
    Love that Jacket and the play of tropical colours.


  4. So inpiring! I love your cardie Debbie!! You look more and more radiant!

  5. Hello Debbie! I am so happy you had an amazing time in Vegas. I enjoyed all the pictures you posted on IG especially all the delicious food you ate. I love all the headpieces you wore. They look so good on you. You look like a goddess! You made me laugh with the story about the headpiece giving you a headache. It reminded me of the times I wear my super high stilettos and I end up with black and blue toes:-) Love the outfit you are wearing. I really like the print on the blouse and the cardigan is so beautiful. The skirt is so lady-like and you look amazing. Can't wait to hear about your experience ordering your wedding gown and having lunch with your friends. All the pictures are super amazing. Take care my sweet friend. Have a wonderful week! XOXO, Jeannette

  6. Hi Debbie ;)
    Love this look (as always actually, love your style)! Great coat, shoes... amazing accesories even on head. Mostly love your top in amazing patterns and colors. You're looking here lovely as this place :D
    Hugs, Nabil ;)

  7. Nice photos Debbie. Sorry about the topshop accessories. Your skirt is really lovely.


  8. Debbie! Hello there my friend! yes it has been a while since we talked to each other and I also need to apologize about that! I've been super busy with finals, work and.... laziness! haha I truly enjoy cuddly nights with my hubby and the doggies in the winter so I haven't spent much time in the blog or on other blogs. But I'm so glad I stopped by your blog darling! your posts are always so cute!!! love this outfit, specially that coat (as I mentioned in a previous comment). I'm sorry to read the accessories you got from Topshop where not very good quality, sadly I go through that more often than not so lately I've decided to only buy good quality accessories, which means, not buying that many and saving some money! we will see how it goes :) Your pictures are super cute and your plans for your day off sound so good! trying your wedding dress in front of your close girlfriends is such a special moment, I hope you enjoyed every minute of it!

    Also, I'm sorry about your camera! how did it get stolen? that really sucks! but like you said, is only a thing so you shouldn't get very upset about it, you probably will get an even better one! I'm looking into purchasing portrait lenses so I know how expensive they are!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  9. Very chic and stylish look!
    Kisses Emina
    -> New post is up - Check it out!

  10. Oh no Debbie I just read your comments and I am so sorry your camera got stolen. I mean who does that, seriously?
    Hope that the one will get his punishment for life for taking away your amazing earliy christmas gift. Sincerly wishing for you to get some money real quick so that you'll be able to afford a better lense for your old one. It's good at least that you kept the old one!

    But since you have a new post, let me comment your outfit and other stuffs.
    I really like what I see, the femine vibe is so gorgeous. The coat's still amazing and I like how you combined those colourful, flower elements with minimalistic tones. I feel like your Marc Jacobs bag goes with every outfit of yours. Such a perfect match. Since I'm a headpiece lover too I've had like loads of struggle but I don't think that I ever got a headache from it. Poor Debbie! But if that makes it better, I really like the haedpiece worn here. It's also a good way for some eyecandy.

    Lastly, I adore all the pictures from your trip esp, the carousel with the horses on. So wow!

    Keep your head up Debs, there are better days to come for sure ..

    xx Lori

  11. Hi dear. You're so gorgeous. I love these beautiful shots of yours. You did awesome styling with this whole look. Love your top and the tassel necklace. The skirt is so gorgeous. And love your head piece. It's just perfect

  12. oh my gosh you look so stylish and professional--this look is so fabulous! Also, I don't think I've seen anyone pull off a headpiece like that so well (although, sorry to hear that it gave you a headache--the one in the first photo is so beautiful though!)
    And I totally agree--I can't believe that even December is going by so quickly! This year is basically over!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad


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