Winter Blues

Well I'm finally back! My week long absence from the blogosphere was unfortunate but necessary-- those final class projects, Black Friday work shifts, and many other activities were just a few reasons for my lack of blogging. I'm so relieved that I'll soon be leaving for another vacation-- this Friday I am leaving for Las Vegas once more. Instead of non-stop partying, this time I will be going with my fiancé for a "chill" trip of eating, shopping, and watching shows. I'm already excited for foodie delicacies like the red velvet pancakes that are available at the Griddle Cafe in the SLS Hotel... Mmmmm....

In other news, I am done school for the semester and can now look forward to a month of Christmas festivities. In fact, I already attended one work Christmas party last week and have another one on Friday. However, I am not looking forward to work-- this time of the year brings out the worst in many of our customers. Mini rant: I know you're tired from shopping, but it doesn't mean you can take out your cranky feelings on people who are trying to help you!

Sweater + Jacket + Rings // H&M
Pants // Current/Elliot
Necklace // Topshop
Glasses // Ray-Ban
Shoes // Expression
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacob

With all of the white and blue in this outfit, I'm undeniably reminded of winter. As you can see in these photos, we just received our first bout of snow over this past weekend. While the snow was beautiful in the morning, the icy patches were quite scary to navigate, especially when you live on a hill. I also was able to wear my tassel necklace that I bought, along with a few other items, at half price from Topshop during Black Friday. I love the simple glamour it brings to any outfit and the change it makes from my usual statement necklaces. Did you also notice the cute phone case I got from Ardene for only $3? I'm loving all of the cute accessories that I've been accumulating lately!

What are some of your favourite accessories?


  1. so cute.... fantasticstyle, lovely your pants!!

  2. You look great dear! Love those pants

  3. welcome back to the blogosphere! That phone case is totally the bees knees. I really like the sunglasses as well can't go wrong with anything green. :] // ▲ ▲

  4. Really great look!
    The pants look amazing :)


  5. Looking so great on that winter outfit! I wish we had winter here so I can wear those knit pullovers and sweaters! Hah!

    Janine |

  6. You look so cool Debbie! I love your biker jacket! You look radiant!

  7. Ahhh geez I was about to sympathise with you about having to work during the black Friday madness but then you reminded me of the INSANE December ahead. I feel for people working in retail, I used to do it myself. And thought it's awesome money it's super stressful (which makes the time go by suuuper fast) and people who should be joyous and content are irritable and angry and like to take it out on you. Not all customers, thankfully, but it's those aggravated few that ruin it for everyone. Godspeed for December D and enjoy Vegas baby!


  8. Great outfit! I love your cellphone case, it is so cute!
    Melanie @

  9. Hello Debbie! I am so happy you are done (at least for now) with school, that you are going to Vegas and that you find yourself more relax and ready for the holidays! I know work is no fun (ask me about it!) but at least you will get to do more of the things you love. Yes, I got to see some snow a couple weeks ago when I visited Utah and I loved it (just for a short period of time of course:-)) and I am now back in FL where is 80 degrees during the day. I also know you are planning your wedding (how exciting) so you do have a lot in your plate. Enjoy every step of the process as it happens so fast, believe me! You are looking beautiful as always Debbie and you are super sweet. I am so glad I met you and I love following you on IG and seeing all the pictures you post. Love the jacket, the sweater, the tassel necklace and everything else you are wearing today. The white and blue pants are to die for and I would love a pair just like those. Your lip color is adorable!!!! And the phone case... $3.00??? WOW, I want one too!!! Have lots of fun in Vegas and take lots of pictures if you can. Will be thinking about you:-) XOXO, Jeannette

  10. And we don't blame you for beeing absent a while. I mean we've been all there and know every story about it. Sometimes its just hard to manage lot of stuffs togehter without missing one out. I know!

    Anyways girl you are so lucky, another trip? Really? I've to admit that I'm feeling kinda jealous but its all love dear haha.
    I'm glad that you made it through another semester and finally have some more freetime for yourself. Now you have the time to do everything you always wanted to do when you had a full schedule.
    Haha to that part when you mentioned those crazy and desperate customers during the christmas time. I know everything about it too. When I used to work at stores I had to deal with such customers like a lot but stay friendy right? Its all about good customer care my boss used to say.

    But let me come to your outfit. I love the simplicity in this look and of course the pattern in your pants. The biker jacket is so stylish and a very good match with the sunnies and brown bag and shoes. You pulled that outfit very good Debs.
    What makes me mad about Iphones is that, they have such amazing cases with different colours, styles, shapes everything. Why don't they have great ones for HTC or in general for android phones? So not cool!
    Nevermind .. to answer your question my favourite piece of accessories are for sure hats!

    Wish you a great trip to Vegas with lots of happy shopping and fun.

    xx Lori

  11. Wow! Your semester had ended already. Mine's still on the 19th :( Anyway, I'm excited for your updates in your trip in Vegas!!! :) Have fun! Btw, i love your outfit here. You have cute pants and jacket :)

    Have a great day, Debbie! :)


  12. Love Love the way that jackets looks,
    great floral pants to soften the whole outfit.



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