A Fabulous Farewell to 2014

The first few days of 2015 have been a bewildering mix of parties, hangovers, and the lack of will to do anything that can be considered as work. Luckily, I have the memories of a fabulous New Year's Eve to keep my mood afloat even while stuck doing things that I don't want to do. Inevitably, thinking of NYE also makes me reminisce about the past year and all of the wonderful things that I experienced. The following five points neatly summarize the main areas of true joy and happiness that I have encountered during 2014.

The Engagement. 
In terms of life changes, getting engaged was most certainly the biggest event of the year. I was completely shocked when my now fiancé knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him-- however, I feel very much ready to start the next chapter of my life with such an amazing partner. Now just wish me luck with the wedding planning! 

I cannot believe how incredibly blessed I have been with regard to friendship over this past year! Whether they are old or new friends, I would not have survived this year half as well without the support network offered by these amazing individuals. I'm especially thankful for certain individuals such as my lovely coworkers with whom I've become so close to over the past year, my incredible Maid of Honour, and my bestie-slash-personal trainer. Thank you for showering me with much love, care, and kindness-- I only hope that I can reciprocate your amazingness!

Over the past year, I have been blessed enough to travel all over the globe and experience cultures that I have never before encountered. In May, I travelled for the first time to Miami and the Bahamas for a Caribbean Cruise. In July, I would leave for a week-long visit to China, a month-long stay in Singapore (my home country), and a three-day impromptu visit to Hong Kong (where I became engaged). Finally, in both October and December I was lucky enough to visit Las Vegas for some good fun while partying, eating, and shopping.

In the upcoming year, I'm very excited to plan my first trip to Europe for my honeymoon-- you can bet I'll be hardcore blogging every last bit of it. As well, my bachelorette trip to L.A. has already been booked and is being steadily planned by both myself and my enthusiastic ladies.

While I've been a gym rat for years, this year (in mid-August to be exact) I turned things up ten notches with the addition of a fitness coach in my life (a.k.a. my bestie Cha). Without this girl, I would never be waking up regularly at 5:10 am for two hour workouts. Nor would I be quite so motivated to sweat it out five to six times a week with various strength and HIIT training, as well as spin and boot camp classes. We motivate each other not only in terms of working out (which is also where we have the opportunity to discuss life philosophies, paleo cooking recipes, and cheap grocery prices every morning) but also in staying productive and discliplined through the day (eating healthy, not procrastinating, sleeping early, etc.).

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful, caring, funny, and intelligent presence in my life!

Last but not least, I'm so amazed at how far I've come with this little ol' blog of mine. From something of which I was once embarrassed, I've grown this platform into something of which I can now be proud. I've been fortunate to be sponsored more times that I can manage, received shiny new things to feature on my blog, and have steadily improved my blog design and photography. While I had minor setbacks recently with my new camera being stolen and my laptop breaking down, I will be bouncing back to full blogging vibrancy very soon!

Also, I've been able to meet so many lovely people from all the world and in my own city through the blogging social network. Thank you to all of my lovely blogger friends; without you, I would not be half as inspired to continue with my endeavours.

This year I decided to party it up at Celebs with some good pals since we had failed to plan a successful Halloween bash. My friends and I bought our tickets in early November so that we wouldn't make the mistake of waiting too long and losing out on tickets again. Before the club, I was able to enjoy a delicious dinner at Gyoza Bar with some friends; we ended up with an enjoyable mix of big laughs, immature jokes, and scrumptious food. Moreover, my friend's boyfriend, who is an ace photographer, was kind enough to bring his camera for a spontaneous nightshoot in some random alleyways. All of these lovely pictures are an end result-- check out Paula's modelling skills (by the way, she actually is a model)!

While you can't see much of my dress here, I did take a gratuitous selfie in our lovely hotel suite if you're curious as to what I was wearing that night. Also, I fell in love with the fur coat that Paula was wearing that night after seeing how fabulous it looked on her; as a result, I felt obliged to go to H&M as soon as possible and buy the same piece. Thank goodness she doesn't mind!

We then headed back to Paula and her boyfriend's place in Gastown for drinks and laughs until it was time to head over to the club. Other than in Vegas, I must say that I had one of my favourite clubbing experiences on this NYE-- the club was packed with happy people ushering in the new year with champagne, crazy dance-offs (Paula accidentally challenged and won a random battle with some dude), and much fist-pumping.

Headpiece // Urban Outfitters (Las Vegas)
Dress // Forever 21 (gifted from Jasmeen)
Coat // Topshop
Scarf // Aldo
Shoes // Zara
Ear Cuffs // Forever 21 (Las Vegas)
Rings // H&M
Bag // Hong Kong boutique 

Other than continuing with my usual fashion blogging, one of my goals is to start documenting  more foodie experiences on my blog instead of merely Instagram. Therefore, it is only fitting that I have my first somewhat legitimate foodie pictures in the first post of the year-- enjoy!

Some gyoza of some sort. I think I need to start remembering dish names before I quit my day job to become a food blogger...

Tamari-Shoyu Tonkotsu Pork Ramen topped with Aburi Char-siu and Tamago (egg).

Photo Credits: Reece Voyer

Some more gyoza and Paula's excellent hand modelling.

Overall, I had the most wonderful year and cannot wait for what lies in store in 2015. I wish that everyone experiences much happiness, good health, friendship, and love in the coming twelve months!  

What were some of your favourite memories from the past year?


  1. What a gorgeously retro glamorous look Debbie! You are stunning!
    I wish you a wonderful new year ahead!

  2. Nice look:) xx

  3. You both look GORGEOUS!
    And thanks for the heartwarming post, you inspire me every day to push harder and work on myself...I can't thank you enough! :)

  4. PHOTOS beautiful <3
    What do you say to a obs obs
    How so please email me here on the blog in a comment
    Feel free to me http://transvormens.blogspot.com/2015/01/witajcie-no-to-mamy-2015-rok-niedugo-do.html

  5. You had a great year Debs! From the engagement to your trips and outfits on the blog, it was all a highlight. I was more than pleased to follow you and your amazing outfits and stories over the year. You've grown so much and even gained so much more fashion sense. I was just like you when I begann to blog, I was so embarressed that I don't even wanted anybody to know that I actually blog. Because I wasn't used to all the attention blogging got me. But anywhos now I can say that there is nothing to be ashamed of but proud right?

    I saw your dress on IG and it's so beautiful. You looked so classy. Also your hair and makeup always on pointé my headpiece sister haha. Oh and you got some hot heels on.
    The fur jacket of your friend is really nice. Like it a lot and can't wait for you to rock it. I recently got myself some boots at the H&M sales. So tempting!

    Btw I love the idea of you getting more into the food blogger thing. I mean it really is your thing and I've been enjoying all of your delicious dishes on your IG.

    To another great blogging year with lots of joy and continuously good luck on the wedding planning.

    xx Lori

  6. Bachelorette trip to LA? Sounds like it will be a blast!! I always love your looks Debbie. You managed to create such wonderful outfits. Your headpiece, shoes, & coat are so lovely. I'm very thankful for the friendships in my life as well. They truly alter your entire mood or outlook. Have a great weekend & happy new year.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  7. You look beautiful! I love your coat and wishing you a wonderful new year! xx/Madison

  8. Those heels are gorgeous! Love the headband as well xx Yuki


  9. Dear Debbie, I am more than ecstatic for you on all of your 2014 accomplishments and experiences. You are a super talented, beautiful person and you deserve the best of the best. I am so glad I met you and I feel super blessed to have you in my blogosphere circle of friends. Continue enjoying every minute of your life and treasuring every moment. 2015 will be amazing for you and I can't wait to hear about it via your amazing posts. Keep going, don't stop and continue embracing such an inspiring attitude towards life, friendship and everything you do. You rock girl! May life continue bringing you everything your heart and soul desires. You deserve it my sweet friend:-) XOXO, Jeannette


  10. Happy New Year! Love your outfit!


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