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Hey everyone, good news! My new laptop has arrived, Adobe Photoshop has been restored onto my desktop, and blogging is back on the to-do list. There have been so many developments in my life of late that I can't wait to share with you in my next few posts. Also, I feel like the mini-break I took over the past two weeks of holiday partying really helped to rejuvenate and refresh my love of blogging.

The beginning of the new year is a fantastic opportunity to get a jumpstart on all of the resolutions that I made at various moments of the last year. My next post will be going into greater detail regarding the commitments I made last year and how I plan on achieving them in 2015.

For now, I'll just expound upon how grateful I am that the holidays have ended. Don't get me wrong-- Christmas and New Year's are great and all. However, my workplace was just chock-full of stressful situations, crazy customers, and upset coworkers. As soon as December 24th had ended, however, we were back in a winter wonderland of peaceful slacking.

In other news, the boyfriend and I have together vowed to eat healthier this year, a resolution we started by throwing out all of his unhealthy snacks (chips, chocolate, etc.) and replacing them with cleaner options, such as dried fruits and nuts. We also plan on cooking more at home together as opposed to the all-too-easy-but-expensive-and-unhealthy alternative of eating out.

Are there any resolutions that you are excited to begin this upcoming year?

In regard to this outfit, I have been steadily stockpiling various sales items from H&M during their post-holiday and end-of-season sales. Nothing I really need but all stuff I want-- the story of any shopaholic's life. First and foremost, I got this sheepskin-like cardigan for $20 and pleather pants for $15. Luckily I can write off my shopping splurging since I purchased them with a gift card given as a Christmas present. As well, I got this sweater from the Las Vegas Premium Outlets Banana Republic at a heavily discounted price ($18 down from $70) and this Topshop bag on Boxing Day.

Cardigan + Pants // H&M
Sweater + Necklace // Banana Republic
Bag // Topshop
Rings + Shoes // Forever 21


  1. Dear sweet Debbie, so happy to know you finally got your laptop and that you find yourself feeling super motivated and full of enthusiasm to begin a wonderful year filled with great opportunities and experiences. I can't wait to see where you take your wonderful blog and everything you do with it. Knowing how talented and creative you are, I can only imagine great things and as long as you have fun and enjoy what you do, it will be all great and worth it regardless of what everyone else thinks. That is actually my goal right now. Enjoy what I do and not worry about what others may think of me or what I do. It just makes me a much happier human being:-) You look so beautiful as always and the cardigan and pants from H&M look amazing together and were totally a great buy. The studded booties are TDF and the Topshop bag is absolutely beautiful and super practical. Make sure to share with us everything you cook with your BF (love the IG pictures you post!) that way I can get ideas and do the same (we spend so much money eating out and we also vowed to change that). Have a wonderful week beautiful Debbie and I look forward to another wonderful post. Blessings to you always! XOXO, Jeannette

  2. Congrats on eating healthy! I like the jacket so much ;)
    Happy new year darling!

    The Flower Duet

  3. Taking a break from blogging definitely helps refresh & renew! I can't wait to see what the new year brings!
    Lexi // thelittlebrunette

  4. You always come up with amazing outfits! Love it! :)


  5. Great outfit something I would wear in cold places my boyfriend and I planned to eat healtier and its not working so far..hehe

  6. So good:) xx

  7. Good luck with your goals this year! Eating healthy is always a good idea! :) Although I like buying all of the Christmas chocolate as it goes on sale after Christmas, haha! I don't eat it all at once though... :P

    I like your studded boots in this outfit - really cute!

    Away From The Blue
    2015 Wardrobe Inventory Linkup

  8. You look awesome! Just discovered your blog by the way. Loving your style ^^

    x Aurélie

  9. Really need to get myself some leather leggings! Your beauty look is amazing by the way, that red lip really suits you xx Yuki

  10. I love the bag!

  11. Glad that your laptop arrived! I'm still waiting for mine since the old one broke down too. A Mac has been on my list since forever but at this point now its still too expensive. So I went for another but also good Lenovo option which is new on the market. Can't wait to get to reguluar blogging back again!

    And gurl I've been to tempted by the H&M sales as well. I recently bought 2 new boots. The same type actually but in black and white because I couldn't decide with which one to go. So I took both haha. I've promised myself to safe more money this year and not to spend it without any sense for things I won't need anyway. But till then its still a big process.

    I really love the fluffly cardigan. Its so cozy and you can style it up very easily. The golden accessoiries and black leather pants goes absolutely good together. And you finally got that new everyday bag you've been searching in forever. Congrats girl!

    Hope that you and your fiance can successfully stick to your new goals which reminds me of me taking more care of my health and foos aswell.

    xx Lori

  12. Great look dear. You're always looking so beautiful. Great match of white top and black pants. It;s always very stylish :D
    Hugs dear friend, Nabil ;)


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