Explore BC: Lighthouse Park

Well, my birthday weekend is finally here and, despite being sick, I was able to do quite a lot today! First I started the day off with a walk at Lighthouse Park, followed by a high tea date in downtown Vancouver with a friend. Because that wasn't enough already, I also had to end things off with a Dine Out teppanyaki dinner in Steveston. Yep, my weekends get packed. While a cough and congestion threatened my enjoyment of these activities, I was able to push through with the help of good company and drugs (of the over-the-counter variety).

In terms of the park, I can say that nothing cleared my sinuses and lifted my mood better than experiencing this stunning view and taking pictures with my new Canon DSLR. I hope you all enjoy this photo dump as much as I enjoyed taking these nature shots. Whenever I go to some new area like this, I am reminded of the often ignored (at least by its inhabitants) beauty of my home province. British Columbia never fails to awe me with its incredible sights, no matter the season or the weather.

I'm starting things off a little backward. We didn't start off staring at this spectacular view of West Vancouver's iconic lighthouse; rather we started off in a beautifully misty forest trail that will be explored in later photos within this post. While this park is located quite far away for a Coquitlamite like myself, it was well worth the distance to see this scenic area. The hike was relatively easy but only tricky when you were clambering over rocks trying to get the best view of the lighthouse and the rocks. 

A Helpful Tip: During the winter many of the washrooms are closed, so make sure your bladder isn't loaded with water and tea before heading to the park (like mine was).

Looking up at a stunning view.

I'll definitely need to come back to this gorgeous park with some of my other intrepid friends. We plan to capture some stunning sunset photos on our next trip!

When you find yourself in the most epic pose without even meaning to be epic. #win #epicwin?

A rare capture of a bald eagle that had a family in some nearby trees. 

Would you want to visit Lighthouse Park? Come explore British Columbia with me sometime!


  1. Breathtaking pictures! What a beautiful scenery!

  2. Amazing photos!


  3. It's such a wonderful experience, to explore and feel nature as a whole. I want to experience that myself too, instead of just sitting infront of my laptop and viewing nature photos :/ But it really looked beautiful, hope you enjoy the most out of it!
    xo Angelus,

  4. Oh my! What a beauty... you're so lucky you live in such a beautiful part of the world :) I work with Gary Ardnt, a travel photographer and see a lot of these kinds of shots. They're a sight to behold. I want to be lucky enough to witness them in person one of these days :)


  5. YES!!! Wait for me Debbie! I want to visit the Lighthouse Park with you, seriously:-)! Happy Birthday again my sweet and talented friend, you are a very special human being. So humble, so smart and so down to earth and super beautiful of course! I am so glad you had an amazing weekend filled with so many wonderful memories. The pictures you took are all amazing and the views of the horizon are mind blowing. Loved the picture of you looking at the horizon and the booties you were wearing are super cute. Thanks for sharing and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! XOXO, Jeannette

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