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Is it just me or does every week seem to fly by faster than the last? While it seems like the weekend only just started, it's shocking to realize that it's already pretty much Monday. Luckily I can say that I had a most wonderful time over the past seven days-- you can never go wrong when spending quality time with good friends, having too many laughs, and eating delicious food. Another pleasant surprise is that I'm actually quite enjoying the last two courses of my academic career, which is surprising since one class is four hours long and on a Friday evening.

While school is surprisingly bearable thus far, I obviously look forward to the weekends most of all. This Friday, I went clubbing with friends, had far too much fun dancing the night away, and eating McDonald's at 3:30 am (goodbye workout). Saturday was spent in my jammies doing homework and recovering from my four hours of sleep. Luckily, Sunday was spent doing more productive things like spin class, finally taking some outfit pictures, homework, chatting with some good girlfriends, and a delicious hotpot dinner with family.

What were the highlights of your weekend?

Shirt // J. Crew
Pants // J. Brand
Sweater // American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace // Sirens
Shoes // Rockport
Coat + Bag // Topshop

In other news, I dug out this old silk blouse from J. Crew the other day and wondered why I stopped wearing it (my wardrobe is a black hole in which older clothing often disappear and are almost never to be seen again). Also, I rediscovered this really comfortable pair of boots and this neon necklace from last year-- it's really sad when you realize how easily you can forget pieces that you bought only within the past year.


  1. That's what I feel every Sunday! Two days off from work will never be enough! Huhu. :(
    Anyway, I love your red shirt! :)

    Janine | Lime & Life

  2. Nice coat dear!
    new post now on blog, kindly check it out

  3. Gorgeous look!! Love this day but edgy outfit,
    The red and grey is such a lovely combination.


  4. Gorgeous look!! Love this day but edgy outfit,
    The red and grey is such a lovely combination.


  5. Very nice:) xx


  6. You look amazing!!! This outfit is so perfect


  7. Debbie, you looks as gorgeous as always!!! love the look, especially the boots and the neon necklace and yes! my closet is like a black whole too... it sounds like we both need to do some cleaning! haha the whole look is adorable and your hair is getting so long, I love it! I'm glad you are enjoying your classes and had such a great time this past weekend! I'm only taking one class this semester and even though is twice a week four hour each day (studio classes are long...) I am also truly enjoying it :) this Friday, I also went out with my girlfriends and had an amazing time! Saturday was like a dream though, I was so tired I barely remember it haha and Sunday was just a lazy day of movies, pop corn, M&Ms and my husband (my favorite days). So how are the wedding plans going? I'm sorry I've been so absent lately, I'm just not a winter person I guess, but I'm trying to change that!


  8. Such a nice and lovely look :)
    The coat is fabulous :)


  9. Love the details!

    I saw some of those beautiful explorations via your instagram. Glad you had some fun time with the ladies too , always fun and exciting.
    School is kicking in quickly for me, I'm glad it's bearable for you though.

    P.S: Looks like Spring break is perfect time for our meeting, I hope everyone's schedule is flexible then

    The Cocopolitan


  10. Highlight of my weekend: I baked a fruit cake....so boring. I love your pants and boots....


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  12. That's a super cardigan, makes a great combination with the shirt!! Lover your necklace, too!!


  13. My weekend was really boring--just started dieting so eating lots of chicken breast and veggies and haha, no fun.
    Anyhow, oh goodness Debbie I love your style so much! You have such a great way of layering that I am in LOVE.
    And that necklace...omg basically this outfit screams perfection and I love it so much.




  14. Hello Debbie! I am so sorry I haven't been around much and haven't paid you a visit. My life is being kind of hectic lately, especially with work and things in general. I am actually out of town for work in the middle of no where here in Kentucky performing testing for a training system my company has to deliver. I have been working 12 hours days so you can imagine how much I am looking forward for this coming weekend. Since I love blogging so much, I decided to not give up. At one point, feelings of frustration due to my lack of spare time started to take over my mind to the point where I considered stop blogging as I felt I couldn't keep up with everything and everybody else out there until I finally realized that I needed to focus on me and not anybody else. I chose to take a step back, re-look at my blogging purpose and finally decided to continue blogging at my very own pace and most importantly making sure to not compare myself. So yes, I am in a much better place right now, living the moment, focusing on what I want and most importantly being the love we all are:-) You look beautiful my friend. Your skin, hair, and entire look is all perfect to me. I really enjoyed reading the wonderful message you left on my blog and you have no idea how happy it made me to know that you are enjoying a wonderful life. I wish I was a little bit like you at your age because girl, you really are in the right path. You are a very well rounded young lady and you also have so much to offer. Not only are you beautiful and smart but you are also very insightful, loving and have great a knowledge of what is important in life. I am so proud of you Debbie and I know you will get to accomplish great things in life. Take care my sweet and wonderful friend. XOXO, Jeannette



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