Travel Diaries: Breakfast in Bedok

Ready for a summer throwback? It's gotten to that point of the winter where the cold weather, constant rain, and short, gloomy days are taking a toll on our moods. So there's nothing to do but to look back at happier, warmer days when sunshine was a commonplace prediction on the forecast. It really makes me miss the summertime when I look back at pictures in which I was tanned, warm, and wearing only one layer of clothing.

When randomly browsing through my draft posts, I realized with some sadness that I had forgotten to post this Singapore post from way back in August. These photos were taken in Bedok near my aunt's condo, as well as the neighbouring hawker centre (outdoor food court) that we visited daily for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just writing about the hawker centre makes me drool when thinking about the delicious and extremely cheap local food to be had in Singapore... The next time I will be visiting my birth country will be about a year after my wedding during which I will be conducting a sort of "wedding tour" to visit both relatives in Singapore and Hong Kong. Until then, I will have to sustain myself with old pictures of the amazing culinary fare.

Top // Zara
Skirt // Mango
Bag // Michael Kors
Sandals // Steve Madden 
Sunglasses // Aldo
Necklace // H&M

The 'famous' hawker centre located about five minutes away from my aunt's place. Local Singaporeans pride themselves on knowing where famous food stalls are located around the country island-- such as the famous 'char kway teow' sold at this very centre. 

My favourite dish: yong tau foo. This amazingly delicious dish was a daily choice of mine as it wasn't completely deep-fried, allowed you to select various food items depending on your preference, and involved noodles and soup (my favourite food combo of all time). 

Milo made only as Singaporeans can make it. Mmmmmm.

A peek into how food stalls usually look-- or the only photo I managed to take of a stall that came out looking somewhat decent. 

Since I won't be returning to Asia in the near future, I'll be happy to settle for summer returning to my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. I can't wait to experience once again bluer skies, regular sunshine, and longer days-- especially since last year I missed most of the summertime in Vancouver while travelling in Asia (summer only lasts for a maximum of four months if we're lucky).

Do you have any summertime memories that you wish you could relive? 


  1. Such a gorgeous necklace, Debbie. I was kind of hoping it was from your travels, not H&M. One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting a look at the locals & what they do, eat, wear, say. Those are some things that you can't experience by simply Googling it.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. You look so stunning in that white mango skirt!

    I must say it is such a wonderful experience to get to visit these places. They look so beautiful. I will eventually visit some places in Asia for sure (bucket list)

    Coco L'Amour


    1. P.S - Loved the summer here,I think, one because as a blogger it was easy to take photos outdoor haha and eat plenty summer foods hehe :)

  3. Great post, I loved the pictures!

    Camille xo

  4. amazing photos and I love your look!

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  6. Love your outfit! Also, thanks for sharing these photos. These got me really excited for my upcoming vacation to Singapore. So excited!!

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  7. very beautiful pictures! love your white skirt!

  8. I was clearly just about to ask how you manage to wear only on layering in this cold but while reading I got my answer haha. Seeing your post makes me miss spring and summer even more. Missing the long days, sunshine on my naked Skin, cold drinks, ice dates etc. Can't wait till ist finally spring and my birthday in April.

    I so adore the White two Piece on you. Simple, classy and fresh summer look. The pink bag just fits so perfect to the easy and pure pattern. Love the sunnies and sandals as well. Accessories and make-up on fleek too.
    Bedok Looks like a nice and interesting City. Glad you founf the post in your draft to Show us just another amazing side of Asia.

    My favourite summer memories from the past year was when I got to attend the fashionweek here in Berlin while it was super hot. Looking so forward to the upcoming fashionweek next week. Gonna be a bit differently because this time ist actually and I haven't got the chance to attend this occassion in winter till now.

    Wish you a great day.

    xx Lori

  9. Oh you have no idea how much I like white clothes with pink one. It's so fresh, stylish, modern but still comfortable. I love your style and as you said - I'm glad we know each other's blog. Keep on with inspiring me :D
    Kisses for New Year, Nabil ;)

  10. cute outfit I would totally wear something like that and i want tat noodles.HAHA

  11. Lovely bag and skirt.... Nice pictures

  12. I absolutely love your style. You look lovely as usual xx


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