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When I began writing this post, I realized I had no clue (for once) what to say. I'm usually the biggest chatterbox so I can create random conversations out of nowhere, which has definitely helped in those awkward social events where people are forced to mingle and make small talk. Luckily for all of my avid readers, this post hopefully won't be a complete waste of your time as I finally decided on something to discuss.

Today I'm beginning my first session of premarital counselling. After much prompting from our respective parents and pastors, my significant other and I finally set up an eight week program with a trusted counsellor to better prepare us for the journey ahead of us. While we were tempted to skip counselling in order to "save" time and money, we realized that such sessions would be a tremendous aid to our future marriage and that we shouldn't skip out on something so important for the sake of convenience.

I am under no illusion that my marriage will be all hearts and roses for the rest of my life; while I enjoy the idea of romance, I am a pragmatic person when it comes to relationships. I understand that love and marriage require a lot of hard work and commitment and that no couple can escape from life's trials and hardships. However, if we learn how to weather those storms together, I know that those tough times will only make our relationship stronger and that we will grow together in love and trust.

As someone who enjoys discussing values, principles, and philosophies, I think I will quite enjoy counselling and I'm trying not to see it as something to dread. When any of you get married, will you consider counselling to be an important step?

Cardigan // Pink Martini (Front and Company)
Top + Shoes // Zara
Skirt // Topshop
Tights // China
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs

In other news, it's "reading break" for my school so we are enjoying a week off from class. However, I still have to work my usual three days this week so it hardly feels like a holiday right now. Nevertheless, I will soon be enjoying my four-day weekend that will begin on Thursday-- so far my plans include foodie dates, partying with girl friends, a romantic Valentine's Day, and a fun Chinese New Year dinner with friends. What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?


  1. You look gorgeous dear!

    Please click on the link of the post

  2. Nice look:) xx

  3. Haha you still managed to find at least one point to write. Sometimes I just feel the same when trying to write a post and the words are just missing. Maybe I experienced something really exciting that day I still sometimes don't know how to start a conversation neither a discussion. When I'm out for some fashion events or so I usually don't like talking to others nor starting a convo so I typically avoid it but in this superficial fashion world that we're in we have to let go of all our fears and start to connect with people. That's what it's all about in this business.

    Anyways I think it's a good idea to consider a counselling before getting married. It's a good way to learn more about all the things are ahead during the marriage. I mean there's nothing about experiencing new things and even getting to know your partner a little more. I wish you two all the best and hope that you had a great Valentines day.

    Btw due to Val's I'm running my very first giveaway on my blog and it's a big one including really good and expensive beauty products. Would be happy if you join. Entrance on my blog.

    xx Lori

  4. Omg just realized that I forgot to comment on your outfit lol!
    I love this kind of look. You already know that I'm a big fan of your fur coat cause it's amazing.
    Only you could pull off this pink kinda plastic skirt so well. Loving your make-up so much. xx

  5. Yep, deffo a good idea to have premarital counselling, may as well find ways understand and solve possible issues that could come up within marriage rather than wait for them to occur and not know how to deal with it...I pray it's really beneficial for you both, and it brings you even closer together <3

    P.s. You look lovely in that outfit, the skirt is adorable...I knew it had to be Topshop because I had seen that skirt in my store and wanted it so bad but didn't think I could pull off pink... I should have got it!


  6. Lovely outfit, beautiful color-pattern-combination!!

    Rosa - NEW POST

  7. Really enjoyed your thoughts, Debbie! All the best to you and your partner!

    Walking, Talking Style
    New post: Warm Layers


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