A Theory of Hearts

Spring appears to be determined to maintain its early start in Vancouver-- the sunny days and warmer temperatures just seem to keep on coming. While I don't want to jinx things, I do love seeing that sun icon every time I check the weather forecast app on my phone. Along with the increased warmth, it has been a welcome change to wear lighter fabrics and footwear other than boots. You don't know how nice it is to walk around wearing cute sneakers without the need for two layers of socks.

Since my schedule has been quite busy lately with a myriad of activities, obligations, school, and work, my daily outfits have been leaning towards emphasizing comfortable and practical elements. While maxi skirts are usually a no-no for my short Asian stature, this Theory piece fits me so well that it's not a hassle to wear it throughout a busy day of school or work. As well, these Zara shoes are so comfortable and cute that it's hard to stop wearing them; in the interests of preserving their whiteness, however, I am trying to limit their use as much as possible. 

Skirt // Theory
Shirt // J. Crew
Jacket // H&M
Shoes // Zara
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs

While I am starting a feel a little overwhelmed whenever I look over my weekly schedule, I really look forward to the activities I have planned for the weekend. For instance, I might doing another crazy hike in Squamish if the cards are right... With the forecast of upcoming sunshine in mind, I couldn't be more excited!

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend? If you're an overworked student like myself, how are you dealing with your stress?


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