Spring Trench Coats + Chic Comfort

Wanna hear some exciting news? I'll be a free woman by this Tuesday after handing in my very last paper during my very last semester of school! While I've taken my sweet time finishing this second minor for Publishing, I'm so happy to be nearly done and to have learned so much throughout its completion.

I'm also super excited to start enjoying this spring weather with no academic obligations weighing heavy on my mind. While I was supposed to go hiking tomorrow, a rainy forecast and the need to work on my paper has resulted in the postponement of our plans until next weekend. Do you have any exciting spring plans to look forward to?

Other than my freedom from school, I'm also looking forward to nailing down my final wedding planning details. While I'm proud that I've accomplished so much while working and in school, there are still so many things I need to complete before I tie the knot in less than 5 months! Before I let myself get too stressed, I always try to take a breather and enjoy the little things-- such as when we watched Furious 7 earlier this week. While we laughed at the usual far-fetched thrills and cheesy dialogue, the heartfelt tribute to Paul Walker during the end had everyone feeling emotional. 

Trench Coat // Forever 21
Top // Hong Kong boutique
Necklace // Oak + Fort
Shoes // Zara
Hat // Pull and Bear
Pants + Bag // Topshop

Finally, I've been accumulating more spring casual wear (what else is new?) despite the fact that I desperately need to save up for L.A. in late June, glamping trips in August, and an European honeymoon in early October. Wish me luck in staying away from any tempting sales! Seriously, I need help.

If you're struggling through finals right now, I wish you the best of luck. Otherwise, I hope that you all have a most wonderful week and enjoy the warmer weather!


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