A Portrait of Spring

Over the relatively short period of time I've been blogging and using social media, I've had the pleasure to meet and work with so many wonderfully talented individuals. While forging new friendships, I've also been able to collaborate on several fun projects, including photoshoots like this one with Isaac Sim. It's been so fun to meet this fellow Singaporean and pick his mind on a wide variety of subjects, including the merits of Vancouver vs. Singapore living. I'm lucky that he's also incredibly talented and passionate about photography-- which resulted in the following photoshoot.

Last weekend, we met up on a sunny day, had a quick coffee, and explored Burnaby Lake area for the perfect area to shoot. I put poor Isaac on the spot as I only had less than an hour with him before I had a dinner-- nevertheless, he bravely rose to the challenge and shot some lovely pictures despite the severe time limitations. 

I chose to wear a comfortable, spring-worthy outfit as I had just finished a five-hour hike prior to this photoshoot. You can imagine that I was dead tired after hiking, chatting, modelling, a dinner, and watching my fiancé's late night hockey game. However, the packed schedule was completely worth it as I had so much fun at each activity.

These floral pants were an obvious choice for spring as the bold print is really only suitable for this season (and the material is too warm for the summertime). As well, I managed to wear my new Zara chambray top, comfortably chic Topshop sandals, and an H&M hat that has been lying unworn within my closet for far too long.

Top // Zara
Hat // H&M
Pants // Bread + Butter (Hong Kong)
Shoes // Topshop

I hope that you all have a most wonderful week and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. I plan to do yet another hike (we're hoping to keep it a weekly thing) in order to get the most out of this spring weather. Also, I'm getting extremely excited while planning my various summer vacations that are fast approaching!


  1. Gorgeous photos dear!


  2. These pictures are so pretty!!
    Floral pants are somethings I haven't tried yet..Maybe I will soon :D


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