Simple Casuals

After finishing school, I was so certain that I would be back to blogging with a vengeance. However, I have found it so difficult to consistently blog (even though I still love it) when I have so many other things on my plate-- work, wedding planning, socializing, spending time outdoors, or recovering my blasted cold. Speaking of colds, it seems like some bug is really having some fun making everyone sick. In fact, these photos were taken when I was still feeling quite sick last weekend. I had spent the entire day at home but managed to clean myself up to try on my wedding dress that had just arrived at the store. What was it like, you ask? Absolutely gorgeous and I'm already getting so excited to wear it on the big day!

In terms of this outfit, I was kinda proud of myself for cleaning out my closet and finding some 'old' pieces that I hadn't worn in an eternity. I've been trying to save lately for upcoming vacations so I'm currently trying anything to stop myself from buying more-- it's only been semi-successful as I recently went on a shopping trip with a girlfriend and you can guess what happened there.

Anyways, I finally found a way to wear this wool draped cardigan again by pairing it with this pair of lightweight slacks (which are perfect for the warmer spring weather). I've also been really into comfortable footwear lately, so these loafers and some new pairs of sandals are on heavy rotation at the moment.

What are some pieces you can't seem to stop wearing lately?

Cardigan // Plum
Top // Urban Outfitters
Pants // H&M
Shoes // Gap

As anyone in Vancouver knows, the weather has been extremely pleasant over the last few days (and hopefully for a while longer). I've been taking advantage of the warmth and sunshine to go hiking, explore my city, do photoshoots with friendly photographers, and have my first run since I busted my knee in March.

What's on your spring to-do list?


  1. You look absolutly gorgeous dear!

  2. love this look! The pictures are very beautiful!

  3. nice casual!

  4. Very nice:) xx
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  5. Cute outfit!

    - Audrey

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