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It seems like the more a girl grows up, the more she wants to fulfill those childhood dreams of dress-up. In particular, dressing up like a princess! While I'll certainly be satisfying that fantasy during my wedding day, you younger ladies out there can be a princess for a day with the perfect floor-length prom dress.

This week's post for the lovely online boutique known as Jecicadress features my favourite picks for full-length, ball gowns. These beautiful prom dresses from Ireland are sure to have you feeling starry-eyed and reaching for your credit card-- especially when you discover the fantastic selection and prices offered by this store! 

Keep scrolling to peek at some dresses that are fit for a queen-- or a princess!

This piece is by far my favourite dress due to its statuesque design and sweepingly glorious details. I feel like this is something that Audrey Hepburn, my favourite fashion icon, would wear in a movie like Funny Face for a fashion shoot or a spectacular gala. I'm completely in love with the vibrant red colour, the gorgeous bejewelled band, and, last but not least, the draped detailing of the bodice. 

This gown breaks away from the more classic designs to throw a little bit of retro, groovy fun into the mix. More specifically, the bold orange-red colour seems reminiscent of the Mod 60s and the sexy (but not trashy) slit is sure to spice things up. So if you don't feel like fitting in with the usual mold of elegant ladies, try on this sassy piece for kicks!

Sweetheart Empire Rhinestone Prom Dress​

When I look at this dress, it seems like something Taylor Swift would wear to an awards ceremony. The megastar singer, known for both her amazing songs (I'm a huge fan if you didn't know) and incredible sense of style, always looks flawless on the red carpet. With regard to this dress, the unique bodice, which is a mix of draped material and a sweetheart neckline, will provide a stunning first impression on your prom night. In addition, the back cutout design is a sexy, yet still classy, detail that creates visual interest for anyone lucky enough to be checking out your behind. 

I highly encourage you all to take a look at more of Jecicadress's selection-- Prom Dresses Ireland--for more amazing prom dress ideas!

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Jecicadress, all opinions are exclusively my own.


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