Summer Spaniard

It's hard to believe but we've already passed the midway point of June-- the official start of summer is only a few days away! Well, the summer part may not be quite so hard to believe due to the extreme heat we've been experiencing lately. Every night, I've had to sleep with my trusty fan turned on at full blast in my direction. Nevertheless, despite the extra sweat stains and temporary insanity while stuck on a crowded bus, I'm so grateful for the gorgeous weather!

Another thing for which I'm grateful is my upcoming bachelorette trip to L.A. next week with some good girlfriends. I have a confession to make: I've been shopping so much lately that I can barely choose what to pack with me! I'm not the only one; some of my shopaholic travelmates have admitted  that they are encountering the same issue.

Therefore, I must promise to not buy any more clothing, shoes, accessories until I have arrived in L.A. Luckily, I just received a couple of pretty items from Aritzia that were on sale, including this lovely pair of Wilfred Cauchy pants. Perfect for casual wear, perfect for dressing up at work! I think I can afford to splurge on some good staples...

This lovely red eyelet top from Zara is another story. Although it's most certainly not a staple, I look forward to wearing it many times throughout this upcoming summer season. Also, it has added sentimental value due to the fact that my fiance bought it for me after my graduation (and after I discovered that I had gotten a new job).

Top // Zara
Pants // Wilfred via Aritzia
Shoes // Nine West

I've had a busy start to my week while helping my workplace with a grand opening today; however, the rest of my week doesn't look like it will be slowing down. On the to-do list are hiking, celebrating my fiance's birthday, partying for said birthday, and going for my bridal hair and make-up trial. A full plate to be sure!


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