Travel Diaries: LA x Rodeo Drive + COS Store

While we just celebrated Canada Day yesterday, my thoughts often return to my fun-filled stagette that I was enjoying only a few short days ago. While we certainly entertained ourselves with sightseeing, partying, and food, the main activities of the trip tended to be-- you guessed it-- shopping. With a group full of fashionistas to please, it seemed like an impossible task to visit all of the places that would satisfy our different tastes.

For my maid of honour and her sister, the top destination was the Fashion District located about ten minutes from our hotel in downtown L.A.. However, the area could not have been more different than the modernity of the city; in fact, we often felt like we had stepped over the border into Mexico. The district was full of cheap jewelry, clothes, vibrant food and friendly people. The area reminded me (and Karen) of flea markets in Asia, such as Mong Kok in Hong Kong. However, there were obvious differences: the ubiquitous fruit stands carrying chili-covered mango, the loud Reggaeton playing everywhere, and the decidedly non-Asian fashions. Even the mannequins were different: instead of being stick-thin, they were bootylicious and sported bums to be envied. From that area, we bought items like headpieces, body chains, rings, false eyelashes, hair extensions, and other party-worthy accessories. 

 For the rest of our shopping needs, places like the outdoor mall called the Americana would cover all of the bases. However, on the last day, we also visited the Nordstrom Rack in Beverly Hills where I bought a pair of shorts from Theory and a pair of Versace sunglasses. I nearly bought a pair of outrageously awesome pants from Ted Baker but decided against them as their price would blow the rest of my shopping budget away. 

For the last day, I was happy to wear this cute dress from the Urban Outfitters at the Americana that was both on sale and covered in this amazing grid pattern. You can't see them here under the sunglasses but I was also wearing falsies (from the Fashion District) that I got several compliments on throughout the day-- thanks Paula and Jasmeen for helping a falsie newbie out!

For our very last stop, we dropped by the COS store on Rodeo Drive for the sake of the minimalist Karen. This Swedish store, which is the upscale branch of H&M, is sadly not yet available in Canada. Therefore, I had no idea what treasures lay in store for us when we walked in. The staff were incredibly friendly and warm (not what you expect from Rodeo Drive), the sales were attractive and affordable, and the styles were ah-mazing! Sadly, the fourty-ish minutes we spent in there went all too quickly and we ended up having to forfeit an actual walk through Rodeo Drive. All good in the name of shopping! (Also, it was my second time visiting the area.)

Dress // Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses // Versace 
Shoes // Topshop
Bag // Michael Kors
Bangle // Forever 21

Karen before she embarked on a wild journey through the sales section of the COS store. Jasmeen always leading the way in her new romper from the Fashion District.

My girl Paula: always camera-ready. Karen: friggin' happy she was finally visiting this store.

My only regret was that I didn't buy more of their amazing jewelry.

Or at least one pair of their shoes.

I am, however, satisfied with the little things I did buy: this cute structured ring and these hair pins (which I haven't figured out how to wear yet). It must be something like Murphy's Law when I always find someplace amazing to shop at the very last stop of a trip-- right when I have no more money to spend!

Have any of you visited Rodeo Drive before? If so, where are your favourite places to shop?


  1. nice dress!

  2. I really love your dress and the shoes too! Stylish look <3

  3. CLEAN
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  4. I am so loving your grid dress! Very modern chic :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. Nice:) xx

  6. you would never go wrong in choosing it as your dress for the prom selling prom dresses


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