Wandering in White

Photos by Tessa Tham

There is nothing quite as refreshing as wandering through your city on a sunny day, sating your hunger on delicious food, and enjoying good conversation with a kindred spirit. Today, I was lucky enough to do all of those things and more-- I had just finished my first day at my new job and was feeling high from the good vibes. I changed from my more conservative "first day" outfit into something a little more fancy and was ready to meet the lovely Tessa for lunch and ice cream.

Just the day before, I had made a worthwhile foray into Joe Fresh during which I discovered that their summer sales are great and harbour perfect pieces for the work environment. I bought everything I tried on in the change room (which rarely ever happens) and felt more than prepared to face my first day on a new job. 

Luckily, my wonderful new coworkers and managers made me feel more than welcome and I felt right at home. Unfortunately, I have a few weeks of training in front of me before I get to do anything 'fun' but I'm willing to go the distance.

I'm also glad I finally got to meet Tessa as I've been admiring this girl's photography for quite a while now, as well as her amazing travels, fashion, and explorations of British Columbia. Oh, and did I forget to mention that she, too, is Singaporean? Let me tell you, we had many areas of common ground when it came to Singaporean food, family, and other topics. Although we are both busy people, I'm so glad that we were able to carve out the time to finally meet in person. It's amazing how social media has allowed me to meet some truly incredible, talented individuals!

Top + Skirt + Shoes // Joe Fresh
Sunglasses // Nasty Gal
Bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace // Sirens
Ring + Bangle // Forever 21

Thanks once again to Tessa for these amazing pictures, the lighting was just fantastic! I hope that you all enjoy the rest of your week and get ready for the weekend. I've got quite exciting plans myself, such as Joffre Lakes on Saturday and kayaking on Sunday. What are your plans?


  1. So pretty! Love the white dress <3

    xo, Janine

  2. super:) xx

  3. You look gorgeous dear!


  4. You are so cute :)))


  5. You look do beautiful, debbie. That skirt is very pretty. Lovely photos.

  6. Such a cute dress, looks amazing on you! xo

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