Falling Back into Old Habits

Well, I'm back! After taking a break for the past few weeks, I found that I really missed creating regular posts on the blog-- I guess that I really do need a creative outlet in my life or I will start to go a little stir-crazy. While I still have to post about my wedding, hiking, Tofino, and many other recent adventures, I decided to start with something easy: a Sunday outfit. After a jam-packed weekend of celebrating my wedding reception, working, and partying hard with my coworkers at a work event, it was nice to have a slow-paced Sunday in which I went to church, taught Sunday school to some cute kids, worked out, and hung out with the new hubby.

While it's not quite fall weather just yet (this sweater could only be worn for a short period before I had to switch to a lighter ensemble), I've been having a little too much fun collecting my autumn gear for the upcoming season. This turtleneck sweater from a Gastown boutique is one of my favourite pieces so far-- the coziness and cuteness of its design cannot be denied. In my mind, it's the perfect piece to wear while snuggling in front a roaring fire with a hot cup of cocoa (or coffee). I'm not sure if I'll actually end up enacting that particular scene anytime soon but it's certainly a nice visualization! 

Sweater + Pants // Ego Closet
Shoes // Zara
Earrings // Pandora
Mug // Chapters Indigo

On a random note, I've become addicted to getting gel manicures and pedicures-- after working long hours all week (no more school for me!), a girl needs to treat herself somehow. Speaking of school, my life has been so hectic with the new job and wedding planning that I have barely even noticed that I no longer am a student.

In terms of married life, I'M LOVING IT. Now that a couple of weeks have passed since we tied the knot, I have realized that I spent so much time over at my now husband's place that being married doesn't feel that much different. Other than the fact, maybe, that I now get to sleep over every night and I get to call Peter mine for the rest of our lives (it's still hard for me to grasp that sweet reality).

I've also been hardcore redecorating Peter's bachelor pad into a hopefully fashionable apartment-- my strategy is first focus on the living room, then the bedroom, the kitchen, and then the bathroom. Let's hope my endeavours are successful!

I hope that you all have a most wonderful week-- I'm personally looking forward to my honeymoon in Europe that is occurring in two weeks time.

Any suggestions for what to do in London and Paris?


  1. Cute outfit! I love how simple it is but still great! The shoes are amazing! :)


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