Layered for Fall

There are those mornings when you walk out the door and discover that your outfit is almost entirely from one store. On this day, that store was Topshop and I came to the harsh realization that walking through their store on the way to work every morning is probably not the best idea. Lately, I've been utilizing my longer breaks to do what I do best: shop. The fall season is just so tempting in terms of clothing-- who can resist those blanket scarves, boho chic hats, and ankle boots?

On top of all that, I'm leaving for London, Paris, and Milan next week! So, I need to look good for Europe, right? Anyways, that's how I'm justifying the spending (even though I have major shopping plans for Europe too).

Gilet + Pants + Coat + Shoes // Topshop
Top // H&M
Necklace // Hong Kong
Umbrella // Pacific Centre

These photos were taken on an extremely rainy Saturday before I went out for drinks with some fun coworkers. The next day I was fortunate enough to take part in a work-sponsored tree planting event-- luckily the rain died down and we only had to get moderately muddy. In other words, I love my coworkers and don't mind spending my precious weekends with them-- love you guys!

Now that it's back to the work week, I'm just counting down the days before I leave for my two-week vacation. How about you?


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