A Very Happy New Year

Hello again, blogging world! It seems like I've dropped the ball in terms of blogging regularly or celebrating the new year with you. Luckily, life is full of second chances and I'm using Chinese New Year as my day to start anew.

What have I been up to lately?

I just turned 25 years old! I don't really remember what I thought I would be like at this age when I was a preteen or teen; however, I would like to think my younger self would be pretty happy with what I have done so far. I have a loving husband, a good job, a great apartment, my wonderful family, and amazing friends. God has truly been great and I thank Him everyday for my innumerable blessings (as well as for the trials and hardships that always teach me necessary lessons).

This past weekend?

Well, after a rowdy Saturday night with my coworkers (we all attended a CNY work event), I spent a lovely Sunday cooking, Netflixing, and taking photos with the lovely Amy. As a result, I took some much-needed #ootd photos with a camera that has been neglected for much too long. I think she did a pretty awesome job of being my stand-in photographer. So much love for you girl!

My Monday/CNY/Family Day was spent having dim sum with the in-laws, running up the Coquitlam Crunch, having tea and reading at a local coffee shop, working out again at the gym, juicing, and now blogging the photos I took yesterday. Unfortunately, a mild sore throat has worsened after my run and I'm loathing the thought of returning to work. Wish me the best that I don't end scaring away my customers with a lovely hacking cough.

What were my favourite memories from 2015?
You'll have to scroll down for that.

Vest // Wilfred
Top, Skirt, & Boots // Topshop
Bag // Tory Burch via Nordstrom

My favourite things about 2015 (in no particular order):

1) Marrying my amazing husband and beginning a wonderful life together. While it's been a crazy six months since we tied the knot, our marriage has deepened our relationship in incredible ways and has taught me the true meaning of love and friendship.

2) Speaking of friendship, a shout-out to my besties (you know who you are)! You gals have made my life so much richer and full of joy-- thank you for supporting me through the tough times and helping me to laugh through the tears. I only hope I can repay each one of you someday! 

3) Hiking fifteen times, including some crazy hikes such as Black Tusk in March, Crown Mountain in July, and Mount Brunswick in September. Being out in nature (away from wifi and city life) for hours on end has retaught me the meaning of silence, good conversation, and physical/mental endurance. Not to mention the incredible beauty of our province and how grateful I am to have crazy fitness freaks for best friends! 

4) Going to L.A. for my bachelorette, Tofino for my post-wedding bachelorette, and Manning Park for a relaxing break in the semi-wilderness. And, of course, London, Paris, and Milan for an unbelievable honeymoon with my new husband. Mexico next, right? 

P.S. Vegas actually is our next booked trip!

5) Beginning a new job that has given me innumerable opportunities to learn and expand my horizons in ways I would never have expected my career to go. While it may or may not lead to my chosen career path, I am incredibly grateful for the friendships and growth I have experienced over just the past seven months. 

And there you have it-- while 2015 was amazing, I'm so excited for what lies in store for 2016!


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