If it weren't for a few slightly annoying coworkers of mine, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to blogging about my birthday party (at least during the month of February). As it was, I had an amazing time celebrating my twenty-fifth year of life-- not just once but twice. The first party took place right before Valentine's Day since the weekend before was taken up with Chinese New Year celebrations. While it was but a simple get-together, it took the hubby and I the better part of a day to whip our little apartment into shipshape. This particular night was also a housewarming party of sorts since many of our friends had not visited since I had moved in after the wedding. According to my friends, I really put my mark on the place with the addition of many new (very feminine) decorative pieces and furniture; a special thanks to Peter for being so accommodating with my choices! Anywho, the night was a lovely mix of games, wine, snacking, and catching up with my wonderful friends. 

The second celebration was quite different-- it certainly involved a lot more alcohol, rowdy friends, and questionable singing in a dark karaoke room. Despite getting way too much flack from certain individuals, I enjoyed myself immensely and woke up the next day with enough of a hangover to know it was a good night.  

Top + Skirt // Topshop
Home Decor // Home Sense, Chapters, IKEA

Last but not least, this post requires a special shout-out to two people who are a really annoying but fun part of my work days-- thanks for unwittingly inspiring me to continue with this enterprise!


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