Sunday Best

The trees are blossoming, the days are steadily lengthening, and our calendars finally have been turned to the month of March. Additionally, I'm happy to say that I can now skip the multiple layers of sweaters under my coat and even wear skirts without stockings! As a result, I was able to walk around in this cute skirt recently bought on sale from Anthropologie, along with my favourite pair of comfortable oxford sneakers from Zara. Now if only the weather would cooperate-- please put the sunshine on full blast rather than the rain.

While this past weekend was blissfully uneventful, my upcoming weekend depends on the whims of this treacherous spring weather in order to be fully satisfying. Along with two of my best friends, I plan to be hiking the 22 km trail to Elfin Lakes located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, Squamish. In addition to the usual day of hiking, we hope to stay overnight in a heated cabin and fully immerse ourselves in a winter wonderland. In preparation for this expedition, I recently bought about $500 worth of hiking gear, including a jacket, traction footgear, bear spray, a 45 L backpack, sleeping bag, and inflatable mat. The thought of spending such a large portion of my pay cheque was certainly painful; however, these items will certainly come into practical use for years to come (rather than going out of style within five months time).

And, don't worry, you can bet I will be documenting almost every moment of the journey on either Snapchat or my camera. ;)

Other than the winter hiking plans, I've been keeping to my usual routine of work and working out at the gym at least 5 times a week. While working out regularly has never been a major issue for me, eating healthy is another matter altogether. More on that later... In fact, I might just write a fitness post later this week to update y'all on my overall health and fitness progress!

Skirt // Anthropologie
Shirt + Shoes // Zara
Bag // Tory Burch
Necklace // J. Crew

 Speaking of work, I still am getting continually harassed by coworkers, whom I might add are supposed to be "managers" of mine, for having a blog and the nickname Doffy. Not to mention my completely correct pronunciation of the words "birthday" and others. Oh, and making memes of my Facebook profile photos is hilarious... You know who you are! Watch your backs.

(Full disclosure: I actually adore these somewhat irritating individuals and consider myself blessed that I work with such fun teammates in an often hectic workplace.)

 On a totally unrelated note, the hubby and I just watched The Witch today for a light-hearted movie-going experience. Of course I'm joking-- the movie is very intense, dark, and psychologically disturbing. If you think your family is dysfunctional, just watch this movie and you'll immediately feel better about your familial relationships.

I still am proud of the fact that it's very hard to scare me and I have yet to scream during a horror movie or in a haunted house. As a result, I have the great pleasure of scaring my poor spouse with constant reminders of the scariest parts of the movie ("Hey babe, did you see something in that mirror?").

What have you all been up to this weekend and what are some of your future spring plans?


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