Easy Breezy Pastels

In general, this summer has been a cool one. Far from the scorching hot season we all expected, we've been lucky to have had more than three or four days of uninterrupted sunshine. However, it seems those irritably hot times have finally arrived and that it's time to ditch coats, sweaters, and pants for the lightest layers possible.

While I have to remain relatively conservative in my workplace, I was pleased to discover that this Aritzia dress was the perfect piece with which to remain covered but cool whilst bustling away at work. I found this tunic dress at half price while randomly perusing the sales section of Aritzia and expecting to find absolutely nothing at all-- I've found those times are when the magic happens.

Speaking of shopping sales magic, I also had no expectations when I walked into the Park Royal Anthropologie store. Usually I can only afford the items on sales there; however, finding something that you love in the sales section is a very hit-and-miss endeavour. When I spotted this overcoat discounted from $188 down to $29.95, I had to do a double take. Furthermore, there was an extra 25% off the sales price! You can say that the rest is history.

Coat // Anthropologie 
Dress // Aritzia (T. Babaton)
Shoes // Zara

In other news, I've recently dyed my hair blonder (if you didn't already notice) as something I wanted to do right before the summer ends. I even bought the hella expensive Milkshake blueberry extract purple shampoo to maintain the colour (#dedication). As well, I have been trying out new (but extremely simple) hairstyles in the process. This half-up bun was one style I took from watching a few too many beauty videos on YouTube.

What are some simple hairstyles you are using for the summertime?


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