March Along

Now that I’ve moved past my mid-twenties, I feel my life settling into the often hectic pace of a full-time working millennial. At the newly minted age of twenty-six, I feel astonished when I realize how much my life has changed within such a short span of time. For instance, I’ve been married for over a year and a half now and have obtained a fast-paced, yet still fun, full-time job. Within the past few years, I have been blessed enough to make several lifelong-caliber friends who share my interests, principles, and dreams.

While I take some pride in my accomplishments thus far, there is still so much to achieve in life that I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Stressing over about my career, finances, a future family, and similar responsibilities has definitely led to sleepless nights and other undesirable symptoms. At times like that, it’s high time that I take a break from reality and go on vacation!

For my most recent vacation, the hubby and I were most fortunate to be able to take a luxurious cruise through the Caribbean. After starting a new position about five months ago, I have been working at what seems like a breakneck tempo to learn new concepts (hello mortgages, loans, credit, interest rates, and investments) and keep up with my sales quotas. Luckily, I have the most wonderful team of coworkers whose humour and sympathy make such a frenzied work environment manageable. Therefore, as my birthday approached and Vancouver became submerged under what seemed like an eternal layer of snow, we decided that the perfect time for a nice, hot tropical vacation had arrived.

Suddenly, I had increased motivation to work my hardest and work out five days a week on top of my full-time job. Nevertheless, if one is not careful, the balance between work and personal life can become skewed in harmful ways. When on vacation, however, I feel that you have a great opportunity to restore that balance to a healthy place that benefits both you and your loved ones.

Now let's get to this outfit: I wore this Zara dress that I bought in Hong Kong during my Asia trip during the past summer. While the length implies that it is a relatively formal dress, the back is much too scandalous to wear just anywhere. Since it was a tropical vacation, I thought it was high time that I wore this piece in public.

Dress // Zara
Shoes // Aldo

Now time for a mini-disclaimer: other than two pairs of sunglasses, I did not buy anything new for this trip. Since I already have a sizeable closet full of summery items bought last summer and in Asia, I knew that I could survive for my nine day trip without much trouble. Lately, I have been cutting down on my shopaholicism and saving instead for future goals, such as vacations, a new home, and *gasp* retirement (my work as a financial services representative is rubbing off on me). While I was most certainly tempted to buy some cute items for vacation, I was ultimately glad that I saved the cash.

I'll definitely try to break out of my non-blogging funk to write another few posts covering the very fun trip I had going through Miami, Mexico, Jamaica, the Caymand Islands, and Haiti.

Until then, enjoy the first day of March and the countdown to spring!


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