To Princess Or Not To Princess?

In today's society, girls can get a lot of flack for wanting to be a princess. While I'm all for equality and feminism, there are numerous external pressures that often shape a negative perception of being "princess-y." In the minds of many (including myself sadly), princesses are prissy, high-maintenance females are too afraid to break a nail before they dare do something challenging (while, in actuality, I really hate breaking nails myself). On the contrary, however, we could also view princesses as being full of grace, courteous, and kind (if we take a page from the fairy tales).

Speaking of fairy tales, I just saw Beauty and Beast today and lovedddd it! Emma Watson is currently receiving much criticism for not being "feminist" enough in this film (how feminist could you really get in such a well-established Disney tale?). Nevertheless, I consider her to be an inspirational figure for myself: full of style, grace, and good humour. While she lives in the world of celebrity, I still think she's setting a wonderful example of young women everywhere through her academic achievements, ethical style, humanitarian work, and more.

What's more, the film itself was gorgeous-- full of amazingly detailed and elaborate set details (that castle was true eye-candy), wonderful songs and singing, and delightful costumes. While Dan Stevens was more than adequate as The Beast, I couldn't help but feel more than inkling of attraction towards the devilishly handsome Gaston (Luke Evans).

I suppose that as a mini-tribute to the occasion, I wore some 'princess-y' details in my outfit today, This baby-blue bell-sleeved top won my heart as I was browsing the latest additions to Topshop this past week. As well, these Zara mules with large velvet bows and kitten heels were almost too girly for me. I definitely felt a tad self-conscious wearing them at first; however, I'm determined to rock them without shame in the future. I also recently bought a new phone case on sale at Nordstrom-- this embroidered piece combines beauty with function with its embellishments and firm exterior.

Top // Topshop
Pants // T. Babaton via Aritzia
Shoes // Zara
Bag // Tory Burch
Phone Case // Zero Gravity

After Sunday spin, church, a matinee movie, cooking, and blogging, it's already the tail end of my weekend. How is it that two full days have already passed? Not surprisingly, I'm quite sad to say farewell to Sunday and hello to that dreaded Monday morning. How do you cope with the end-of-the-weekend blues?


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