Wedding Feels // Part I

Over the weekend, I was blessed enough to attend my second wedding of the season. While the first I attended was just as wonderful and special as any wedding, this one was particularly important to me as it was the union of two very close friends. Not only had my husband and I known these two individuals for many years from our original church (since pre-teen years), our first dates were two days apart from one another. As a result, we were natural double date partners-- from as simple as a dinner to as elaborate as a five day cruise in the Caribbean. Furthermore, the bride was one of my bridesmaids and the groom was one of my husband's groomsmen. 

Needless to say, we were very honoured to participate in their wedding by hosting the reception. As it was our first time MC-ing a wedding, we had our share of first time jitters. Nevertheless, I believe it went very well and the wedded couple weren't appalled by the fruits of our efforts. Now we have another couple adventure planned in the new year (hello all-inclusive Mexican resort!) to look forward to! 

While the morning of the wedding was overcast and slightly rainy, the evening transformed itself into the most gorgeous day imaginable. The reception venue was the lovely Riverway Clubhouse-- I adored how the lovely reception area opened out into a patio overlooking some water and the golf course. As the MCs, it was difficult to keep the guests from wandering around outside to enjoy the scenery and take some pictures (#weddingproblems)! 

I myself made the hubby take more than one shot of my latest dress during the shimmering "golden hour" right before sunset. For this wedding season, I found great luck while shopping at Ever New. The Australian brand provides beautiful designs for affordable price points. In particular, I was taken by the soft palette of this gown along with its Grecian-style details. 

Outfit Details:
Dress // Ever New
Shoes // Aldo
Earrings // Zara

A all-too-rare shot of myself and the hubs. I'm excited to soon share some shots of my other two outfits for the other two weddings of the season-- both from Ever New of course. Also, note to self: bring flats next time I host a wedding since standing all night in heels is killer on the feet...

What are your favourite tips for wedding season formal wear?


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