Travel Diaries // A Quick Break At Moose Lake

Road trips are good for the soul. Well, only if taken in the right company. Mix together great friends, intelligent conversations, junk food bought during gas station stops, and incredible scenery-- you will find that the end result makes nine hours of driving pass by most pleasantly.

During our journey to Jasper, we woke up bright and early at 6 am on Canada Day. After a long week of work, I found myself having no problem getting up and excited at the prospect of our long-awaited trip. Our driver, who has driven on almost all of our trips, has the rare ability to drive on end for hours with only Ed Sheeran, a cup of coffee or tea, and the sunshine to sustain her. Our other companion would sporadically entertain us with random facts googled throughout our long discussions and beautiful illustrations drawn on her iPad Pro (she's a freelance artist).

I'm also blessed that these particular friends are patient and understanding throughout any circumstance. With such friends, any trip is bound to be an amazing one.

Top + Dexter Pants // T. Babaton via Aritzia
Shoes // Birkenstocks
Sunglasses // Le Specs via Nordstrom

When we were about forty minutes outside of the town of Jasper, we decided to take a brief respite at the particularly scenic Moose Lake that was located beside the highway. This gorgeous body of water was only a quick preparation for the immense beauty that we would soon experience during our week in Jasper National Park.

My road trip outfit consisted of simple, comfortable, and summery attire-- this baby blue Babaton top still remains a top choice for looking chic in the hotter summer climate. As well, this pair of Dexter pants was purchased about a year ago and is most certainly a perennial favourite (why can't I find it in Aritzia anymore?). Lastly, I love wearing my Birks purely because they somehow allow me to feel stylish and casually comfortable simultaneously.

What are your top choices for road trip outfits?


  1. Love you. Well put, you know me so well: Ed Sheeran and tea/coffee and I am content. ☺️

    1. You're the best friend/driver I know! 😘😍


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