Wedding Feels // Part III

It's Saturday night and I finally feel like I have time to relax after the last week of whirlwind excitement. While I had three days off last weekend, each and every day was chock-filled with activity-- which, for a grandma like me, also means no quiet time at home. Last Saturday was a write-off as we attended an outdoor event known fondly as "Fvded in the Park." Although I admit I had fun at my first music festival, there were moments while moshing to The Chainsmokers that I wished that I was at home reading my latest book.

After a late night, Sunday also promised to be a full, non-stop ride. We attended a beautiful wedding for a lovely couple (during which these outfit photos were taken) in the afternoon. Regretfully, we had to leave before the reception to attend a surprise proposal for one of my best friends. The proposal was disguised by my fellow bridesmaids and I as a simple bridesmaids dinner at Coast restaurant and a casual photo-taking session at Stanley Park. However, the proposal had been carefully planned by the groom-to-be and his bridesmaids minions for weeks in advance. I must say that it went beautifully and that I am so excited to be a part of their wedding party!

Dress // Ever New
Hat // Topshop
Shoes // Sirens
Bag // Rebecca Minkoff

With regard to this latest (and final) wedding outfit, I went yet again to my trusted source-- Ever New. Fortunately, this time I was able to find this dress on sale for a reasonable price! I was drawn to the embroidered floral design on the black lace; furthermore, I find that the contrast of the bright colours against the dark background is quite striking. As well, I decided to wear a straw hat as it was a hot summer day and we were attending a garden wedding with no shade. In recent years, I've become something of a fanatic regarding sunscreen and shading my face from the sun's damaging rays-- it's much better to prevent aging and wrinkles than try to correct them later with expensive surgery. Lastly, I wore these lace-up sandals for the first time-- thank you to the wonderful ladies who bought them as part of my very generous birthday present!

The hubby and I were very happy to celebrate yet another declaration of love and joy this summer. I can hardly believe that our two year wedding anniversary is fast coming up!

Peter and I also got to spend some time with this lovely newly-wed and her husband during the cocktail reception hour. As our favourite double date partners, this couple are always a fun duo with whom to do couple-y things. Reebz and I are content to discuss our future plans of being trophy wives, creating a moms' club, shopping, manis, hair, and all things girly. Meanwhile, the boys usually will talk about work or sports in the background. I can't wait for our upcoming tropical winter vacation!

This weekend, I had to work an extremely early opening shift before coming home to workout with an old school friend and trying out Coquitlam's latest eating spot, La Ruota. If you are looking for a place that offers authentically-made Neapolitan pizza (which is much healthier than Pizza Hut, trust me) in our neighbourhood, you are now in luck! As well, they are a partner of the popular Pizza Garden that is located in downtown Vancouver.

Other than a challenging hike on Sunday, I look forward to spending the rest of my precious weekend lazing around my beloved home (I should probably try to clean it a bit, sigh).

What are your most anticipated weekend plans?


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